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Magento Import

Looking for a flexible tool or service to perform Magento import from .txt, .csv, .xml, and .xls files? Need to import products, attributes, attribute sets, custom options and customers from any file with no requirements to data format? Want to forget about required columns or column names as your suppliers have no idea what is “visibility” and what to add there? You’ve found it!

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Magento Import Features:

  • Products

    Magento import of all product types (simple, configurable, grouped, bundled, virtual and downloadable) with its associated information and relations, including the ability to set taxes, visibility, and all required information on a fly without having to add it to your file manually.
  • Product Images

    Multiple small, base and thumbnail Magento images, category images with their position, and watermarks if needed. No matter where your images are stored: on your PC, at your supplier's site or at you ftp - they will be automatically uploaded.
  • Product Prices

    Add price markups on a fly and make your prices smart like 9.95 or 149.00 to be one step ahead the competitors. Set discounted price on the definite number of items in bulk via Magento import with Tier pricing.
  • Attributes and Attribute Sets

    All the product details are expressed by means of attributes so it is vitally important to update attributes and attribute sets with the help of Magento import to make sure that all the data were not left without the attention.
  • Custom Options

    Custom options is the easiest way to allow your customers to customize their purchase so it is good to have an ability to import custom options for all products at once.
  • Categories

    Import categories and subcategories, building-up multi-leveled category tree. Even if you want to rename categories or make your own rules, you can do it on a fly automatically, thus saving hours on category update.
  • Customers

    Upload customers with all the client information in case you’re moving to a new site.
  • Additional options

    - Ability to make any modifications and apply any changes on the fly according to your specific rules or needs basically all the alterations are possible.
    - Set up scheduled updates of your products on regular basis to keep your inventory up-to-date.
    - Re-index your data right in the process of Magento import with no additional crons or adjustments.

Magento Import Video

How to Import Products Easily

Magento Import FAQ

Store Manager for Magento helps me performing tasks more efficiently!

Store Managed with Store Manager for Magento

Store Manager helps me performing tasks more efficiently. The mass product editor is very useful to update info for products for a same group. It's also very easy to filter products and export lists to Excel. We use that regularly as well. And in general editing products, stock numbers, prices, .... goes a lot quicker because you don't have to load a new page every time you go to a new tab, like in Magento Admin Panel.