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Magento – Export Orders

There are multiple aspects to consider for online merchants, and order management is certainly important one. In-time order management not only helps your business run smoothly, but keeps your customers satisfied, making them far more likely to visit e-shop in the days to come.

Store Manager for Magento extension helps you out and takes your business to the upper level, simplifying order administrating operations and arranging orders, as their number constantly increases.

With Store Manager application you can in an instant perform export of orders from database and derive orders and information associated to them in .csv file, what makes day-to-day order management activity efficient and time-saving.

First of all, decide on what exactly orders should be exported to the file. Store Manager offers you three options - export all orders, only filtered or only selected orders. Thus, use certain filter criteria to derive necessary orders or simply select target ones and press Export Orders icon disposed on the toolbar.

The export data wizard appears. Press Export button to continue.

The following step of order export foresees you to specify the name of .csv file information will be sent to. Input file name in corresponding field. It’s possible to load export settings, if you have saved them formerly, and avoid reconfiguring every time.

On this step of Magento order export you have to specify what exactly orders will be appended to the file. As it was mentioned above, you may export all orders, filtered or selected orders only.

This stage of data export demands you to properly set delimiter and quote character. Most widespread delimiters are comma (,), semicolon (;) or tab character ( ), nevertheless other symbols can be used. Quote value is being used to separate strings of the file.

Your task on this step of data transfer is to opt for fields to export. You can export all the fields accessible in the left pane or select some of them, depending on your needs. Don’t forget to check “Export field names as first row” box.

Preview Export step allows you to check whether settings were done properly. Here you should indicate action, that will be performed after orders are being exported to the file: open directory, containing result file; open result file or none. Press Export button to complete the process.

Store Manager ensures flawless and consistent export of orders and information on them to .csv file. Find details on Store Manager functional capabilities - www.mag-manager.com/product-information/features/

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