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Import Magento Products Quickly and Safely

Date: January 22nd, 2013

Magento import is a solid method of replenishing your eCommerce store with new items and renovating the ones already listed at stop catalog. Magento import from csv is one of the most crucial Magento shop running techniques and, in fact, is the foundation for efficient and rapid inclusion of extensive modifications.

Magento import products from csv gets to be especially topical when the quantity of goods at your store extremely spins up. Dealing with huge data sets is always a challenge to take, thus Magento import is widely considered as a rather risky procedure that can influence the whole database info. However, you can lighten the matters and secure yourself from unexpected and not so pleasant Magento import from csv “surprises” that the procedure can hide. It is achievable if you accomplish the action via Store Manager for Magento program.

In what way you can gain benefit? The application offers for your disposal remarkably convenient Magento Import/Export Wizard with clues and hints on what should be done next all over the Magento import products from csv process.

Below defined facets of Magento import from csv process should get special focus from the doer:

  • effect and performance of Magento import is proportionally dependent upon the information listed at the file for upload. In situation when the data are not accurately organized and even blundered, your Magento import products from csv might bring unsatisfactory outcomes.
  • on condition that a shop proprietor hasn’t .csv spreadsheet or the one in .txt or .xml format, then by asking your supplier or exporting a pair of goods, you will have example of file acceptable for Magento import from csv.
  • very often the merchant needs to upgrade only some fields, not the whole catalog. Default Magento import method does not allow it, as to carry it out successfully there should be all the obligatory fields listed in the file. Store Manager for Magento makes it feasible to update only some fields or one, you need to have them in the file along with column containing product identifier (SKU, name, ID etc.)

Short information given below is made up of guidelines and valuable suggestions on Magento import products from csv procedure:

    1) Magento import from csv starts right after you run Magento Import/Export Wizard. Corresponding control buttons are accessible either in “Store” area of the application or by right-clicking at any item or using products context menu.

    magento import launching

    2) Next phase does not have any side-effect to one who is undertaking Magento import products from csv process. It is necessary to select the activity should be executed (either import or export). It’s also possible to do information Back-up from the same window in order to secure yourself from data loss or damage.

    magento import

    3)The subsequent action claims the exigency of opting the file for Magento import from csv. It can be the file saved at your computer or the one placed somewhere at remote location.

    magento import file

    4)After the “Next” button is pressed, Review .csv file screen will appear. This is one more chance to cast a glance at the information listed and convince oneself that everything is OK with it.

    magento import delimiters

    5)The consecutive stage of Magento import involves the selection of delimiters and quotes. Depending on which values you indicate there, you will have correctly or incorrectly parsed file. If you are not sure about the delimiters, return to the previous step and review several datalines.

    magento import images

    6) Next, the performer of Magento import products from csv need to point out to which exactly store (store view) the details should be located. magento import multiple stores

    7) This step of Magento import from csv presupposes the process of defining associations between the columns placed at your file and database fields. It is possible if one selects the column of upload file on the right and link it to appropriate field of database listed on the left part of the application area. If the titles of file match with database names, then it is possible to use “Auto set” option.

    magento import fields

    8) Preview Magento import window allows to review potential outcomes of the task and examine whether setup was made in the appropriate way. However, it is not all yet. You should be patient to get high-flying results.

    magento import preview

    9) Penultimate phase Magento import products from csv process foresees the selection of transfer method. You can use the following options: add and change, only add, change only or just add. Here you can also save all the settings you have made while this Magento import from csv in order to use them for upcoming Magento import processes.

    magento import options

    10) At the final phase of Magento import products from csv an individual can examine procedure statistic, see what changes were implemented and select “Finish” to shut the window down.

    magento import results

    Store Manager for Magento reduces the chances of mistake occurrence and at the same time, enhances Magento import possibilities by enriching its users with priceless ability to transfer more and in considerably faster way.

    More info on what can be imported find here:


    By Maria Kvasnytska