Ultimate Inventory Management System
Ultimate Inventory Management

Compatible with Magento 1x and Magento 2x

Evolutionary growth with Magento since 2008
Revolutionary improvement in clients’ lives since then
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Reasons why more than 3000 customers have chosen Store Manager for Magento

Time Saving

Store Manager for Magento enables retailers to gain in speed, simplicity and reliability when handling their ecommerce stores

Revenue Increase

We change the world of ecommerce with our tools giving you time for things that really matter (P2P marketing, personal relationships, etc)

Make a One-time Payment

Store Manager and its addons are offered without any recurring or hidden fees. You pay once and get license for lifetime usage including free support

And much more...

Discover Store Manager for Magento

Store Manager for Magento enables retailers to gain in speed, simplicity and reliability when handling their ecommerce stores.

With this easy-to-use application you get a great opportunity to manage categories, products, manufacturers, suppliers, customers, orders, etc under windows. This all-in-one solution saves you 2 or more hours each day by automating and simplifying your everyday operations. Powerful reporting offers you a wide range of sales reports, that will serve you a basis for building your business strategies.

Use Diagnostics to find missing or broken images, invisible products or troubleshoot any other Magento problems you may face. Extend functionality with addons available: Automated Product Import, PDF Creator (export catalogue to PDF), Doba, eBay, Amazon, IceCat, PeachTree, QuickBooks, Magento Shipping Integration and much more...

Store Manager translated into multiple languages

  • Slovak
  • Serbian (Latin)
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Persian
  • Portuguese
  • Bulgarian
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Romanian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Portuguese, Brazilian
  • French
  • Polish
  • Danish
  • Czech
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Croatian
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Latvian
  • Greek
  • Ukrainian
  • Japanese
  • Swedish
  • Slovenian
  • Indonesian
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • Korean
  • Catalan

Thanks to Store Manager, you will be able to:

  • Work offline, all changes will be applied when you connect
  • Cope with categories and products on one page - no reload required
  • Change prices of multiple products at the same time (perfect for sales!) Watch Video tutorial
  • Change attribute set or product type for the existing products Watch Video tutorial
  • Generate simple/configurable products in bulk Watch Video tutorial
  • Massively upload images (including possibility to drop image directly from browser) Watch Video tutorial
  • Quickly update your inventory, manage stock levels Watch Video tutorial
  • Import products (all product types), prices (tier, group, special prices), related, cross-sell, upsell products, custom options Watch Video tutorial
  • Import products from csv, txt, xml, xls/xslx (Excel), ods (OpenOffice). No requirements to file, all missing data can be applied on-the-fly
  • Import customers
  • Create orders with POS and process them in bulk (change status for multiple orders at once) Watch Video tutorial
  • Use store diagnostics to track missing or broken images, meta data or other store issues Watch Video tutorial
  • Take advantage of powerful reporting
  • Manage different Magento installations and shops with one back-office
  • More Features

A solution recommended by Magento and its users:

Magento Store Manager, is a sofware that saves us a lot of time. It’s incredible how simple tasks that would take a lot of working hours in magento backoffice can be done with a few clicks in store manager. We can also uploading products in the fastest way: first we organize all the information in an excel spreadsheet and then we mass upload our products. It definitely saves us a lot of time and so it’s a major tool in our online success.

Bruno Azeredo - Online Sales Manager

Increase profit by focusing on the right aspects of your business with
Store Manager Addons

Integrate with supplier, eBay, Amazon, QuickBooks, USPS

eBay for Magento
Amazon for Magento
Quickbooks for Magento
IceCat for Magento
USPS for Magento
PDF for Magento
Automated Product Import Automated Product Import

auto synchronize inventory with your supplier. Apply any changes on a fly. No more manual work with inventory! Read More

PDF Catalogue CreatorPDF Catalogue Creator

make niche / client / event / seasonal catalogs, brochures and flyers to offer them for your customers on special occasions Read More

ICEcat Product Catalogue IntegrationICEcat Product Catalogue Integration

get information for your products from the world's largest open catalog with 3000000+ data-sheets and 10000+ brands Read More

eBay Integration eBay Integration

sync data with local or global eBay marketplace to extend your markets (2-way integration coming soon) Read More

Amazon IntegrationAmazon Integration

sell on Amazon, in case you have UPC, ISBN, EAN (internationally registered product codes) Read More

QuickBooks Integration QuickBooks Integration

synchronise your products, customers, orders with your accounting system / ERP Read More

Shipping IntegrationShipping Integration

use USPS extension to send packages and print labels automatically for a butch of orders. Easier shipping is here Read More

Take advantage of addons in 14-day free trial version!Download FREE Trial

Go Mobile

with Magento Mobile Assistant

Work happens around the clock and you never know when you have order to process or customer to contact.

With native Android application, you’ll always be able to work from your mobile device or tablet, be informed about your sales with push notifications, see order status changes by tracking numbers, get statistics, react quickly on things critical to your business.

Get Magento Mobile Assistant Read more about Magento Mobile Assistant

Simplify your work
saving time and money for what matters

Companies that start using Store Manager save a whole week per employee per month. Reinvest that time in doing what really matters for your business.

Take advantage of a 14-day free trial version!Download FREE Trial

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