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8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)

Discover Store Manager for Magento

Store Manager for Magento enables retailers to gain in speed, simplicity and reliability
when handling their ecommerce under Windows.

With this easy-to-use application you get a great opportunity to manage categories, products, manufacturers, suppliers, customers, orders, etc. This all-in-one solution saves you 2 or more hours each day by automating and simplifying your everyday operations. Powerful reporting offers you a wide range of sales reports, that will serve you a basis for building your business strategies.

Use Diagnostics to find missing or broken images, invisible products or troubleshoot any other Magento problems you may face. Extend functionality with addons available: Automated Product Import, PDF Creator (export catalogue to PDF), Doba, eBay, Amazon, IceCat, PeachTree, QuickBooks, Magento Shipping Integration and much more...

Simplify your work
saving time and money for what matters

Companies that start using Store Manager save a whole week per employee per month. Reinvest that time in doing what really matters for your business.

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Thanks to Store Manager, you will be able to:

  • Work offline, all changes will be applied when you connect
  • Cope with categories and products on one page - no reload required
  • Change prices of multiple products at the same time (perfect for sales!)
  • Generate simple/configurable products in bulk
  • Massively upload images (including possibility to drop image directly from browser)
  • Quickly update your inventory, manage stock levels
  • Import products (all product types), prices (tier, group, special prices), related, cross-sell, upsell products, custom options
  • Import products from csv, txt, xml, xls/xslx (Excel), ods (OpenOffice). No requirements to file, all missing data can be applied on-the-fly
  • Import customers
  • Create orders with POS and process them in bulk (change status for multiple orders at once)
  • Use store diagnostics to track missing or broken images
  • Take advantage of powerful reporting
  • Manage different Magento installations and shops with one back-office

Store Manager translated into multiple languages

  • Dutch
  • Romanian
  • Serbian (Latin)
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • German
  • Portuguese, Brazilian
  • French
  • Polish
  • Slovak
  • Lithuanian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Norwegian
  • Czech
  • Croatian
  • Arabic
  • Hungarian
  • Hebrew
  • Greek
  • Latvian
  • Swedish
  • Japanese
  • Danish
  • Bulgarian
  • Ukrainian
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • Persian
  • Afrikaans
  • Armenian
  • Catalan
  • Serbian (Cyrillic)

Features List

Multi Editor

1Multi Editor

  • Quick update of multiple product details
  • (prices, discounts, descriptions) Watch Video tutorial
  • Advanced product modifications (set fixed value
  • for any attribute or multiply current value on the basis of any rules)
  • Fast multiple product quantity, status, stock changes
  • Bulk assign of tier prices

2 Import csv, txt, xml, xls

  • Import Magento products, categories, attribute sets, custom options or customers from CSV / XML / XLS / XLSX file
  • All product types are supported - simple, bundle, grouped, downloadable, configurable, virtual
  • No requirements to file. Changes or missing data can be applied on a fly
  • Accurate data transfer with Wizard tips
 Import csv, txt, xml, xls


  • Export products, categories, attribute sets, custom options into .csv or xls ( Excel ) file
  • Export customers and orders data into Excel file for further analysis
  • Export Abandoned carts to schedule e-mail offers to customers basing on products left in their carts

4Product Management

  • Create, edit, delete, copy&paste, clone Magento products
  • Easily create, edit and delete categories Watch Video tutorial
  • Change attribute set or product type for the existing products Watch Video tutorial
  • Assign multiple categories to product(s) at a time
  • Generate simple or configurable products in two clicks.
Product Management
Customer Management

5Customer Management

  • Administer single customers and groups
  • Filter customers by ordered products and export their e-mails for marketing purpose (offer cross-sell products with discount)
  • Manage all customer data in one place: orders, wishlists, reviews, etc.

6Order Management

  • Process orders, quickly changing order status in the way you need - Completed orders can be moved back to pending
  • Print invoices or shipping labels (Stamps required) for multiple orders at once
  • Filter orders by products or customers to see dynamic sales statistics
  • Export orders to Excel/.csv file
Order Management


  • One-page POS as it should be
  • Barcode Scanner support included
  • Use predefined customer for real store sales or create new customers with basic info for phone sales.
  • *No Credit Card processing


  • Flexible DashBoard with all trends to keep you informed about how things are really going
  • Products forecasting with Stock availability report
  • Detailed customer analytics with customer actions forecasting in Latency Matrix. Adjust your e-mail strategy


  • Check your store for errors that Search Engines hate the most - wrong meta data, external URLs
  • Look for missing or broken images and reupload them in bulk for better customer experience
  • Run recommended actions to fix problems in bulk (if possible)

Increase profit by focusing on the right aspects of your business with Store Manager Addons

What is Store Manager addon and how does it work?

Addons were designed to automate and improve typical tasks/operations made by store owners or managers. All addons are working in DEMO mode by default. In order to unlock full functionality you have to purchase appropriate license and to register an extension. Enterprise version includes most important Addons. Check plans and pricing at - Store Manager for Magento Plans & Pricing

Synchronization from File, ICEcat or Accounting to Magento

  • Get products and customers imported from .csv, xml, xls, ods files on a scheduled basis
  • Integrate your accounting system like QuickBooks and PeachTree with your store (orders, customers, products)
  • Get images, descriptions and features form ICEcat product catalogue (worldwide multilingual catalogue with products data)
Synchronization from File, ICEcat or Accounting to Magento

Synchronization from Magento to any File, PDF Catalogue, eBay or Accounting system

Synchronization from Magento to any File
  • Get products and customers exported to csv or Excel files
  • Generate PDF catalogues with your products data
  • Sell your items on eBay or Amazon
  • Export your products, customers and orders to QuickBooks or PeachTree

USPS Shipping Integration

  • Print labels for your orders in bulk and ship with USPS. Cut down expenses on shipping!


  • Integrate your magento with Doba DropShipper to have access to more than 2 million products that are drop shipped directly to your customer!
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A solution recommended by Magento and its users:

Our technicians support several Magento shops in the same moment, with MSM they can switch from one shop to the other very quickly, without loosing time in connection, password control, ecc.
Import and export tasks are solved immediately and also massive update/delete activities are performed as requested.

Giorgio Bignozzi - Partner

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Go Mobile

Work happens around the clock and you never know when you have order to process or customer to contact. With native Android application, you’ll always be able to work from your mobile device or tablet, be informed about your sales with push notifications, see order status changes by tracking numbers, get statistics, react quickly on things critical to your business.

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