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Store Manager for Magento
4.9 out of 5 based on 65 reviews.

What do you like best?
Its a local Windows program, so its a lot easyer to teach to store managers and a lot easyer to set up. It gives stable and fast possibilities, so it gives your money back by time saving.
What do you dislike?
The connection was difficult to setup, but the support was very helpfull to solve the problems.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Easy uploading of categories and products from csv.


I had the Store Manager for OSCommerce for about 5 years, and it was wonderful. So I'm very familiar with the set-up and the functions.
Now I'm transitioning to Magento, and I have to tell you that I wouldn't be able to run my business without Store Manager.


Honestly I cannot imagine working with magento without Your storemanager 🙂

Administrator in Luxury Goods & Jewelry
"Digital investment"

What do you like best? - I like the simplicity of the platform and custom units
What do you dislike? - I dislike not being able to edit the products so easily
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? - I am able to transact sales so easily, I would like to have more options when I get orders

Magetech E
"Powerful and stable Magento management software"

What do you like best?
Magento product batch import and update functions are great. Compatible with all Magento versions. Even if there is a new version of Magento, it can be updated quickly.
What do you dislike?
There is a lack of intelligence in the identification of fields, which needs to be manually modified each time. Missing some fields will cause unexpected bugs, which can only be fixed by deleting the product.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Hope to provide more batch management functions
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
It can manage all my websites in batches, upload and update products. If you treat him as a PIM software, it should be the easiest one to operate and install.


Thank you for your support.
Worked like a charm . I love this software 🙂 And the fantastic support!

Mauricio M.
The definitive tool to mange Magento stores

We just started the migration of our store to Magento, we found on Store Manager the indispensable tool to design and execute our migration plan, the interface is very intuitive and useful
Migrated with ease, categories, products, attributes, even previous orders everything in one tool
I totally recommend it.

Excellent Software Solved my Problems

I was faced with an old Magento install that had been migrated and updated multiple times making further upgrades impossible. So by installing a brand new copy of the latest Magento and then using Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition to move the products over I was able to end up with a clean install of the latest Magento with all the existing products.

I love the Store Manager

I love the Store Manager and I think that this is "MUST HAVE" product for all Magento store owners.

great tool, great support

I use Storemanager since several months now andit really is a hughe timesaver.
It needs some work to get used to it, like every complex usefull software, but their reliable support will even make this as easy as possible and continuously answer all questions or even do the configuration. Thank you Nadia !!

eMagicOne and Store Manager for Magento

Store Manager for Magento was extremely helpful in importing products and categories into Magento. It saved a lot of time and headaches. Their Support both through chat and through email has been timely, consistent and confidence building. I would say Store Manager is definitely one of the must have tools for your Magento Store to manage products, images, categories etc. and also be able to rapidly restructure assignments, positions of categories and products. I would recommend both the product and their support highly.

Markus Brandes
Excellent Extension and great support !

The Store Manager is an exceptional good and useful tool which give us a great benefit. Particular as we have more than 10.000 different products to handle and can easily update special prices or move items to different categories. What I particular like is the excellent support. Every question and troubles had been solved within 24 hours and I consider this as the best support I ever get. Thank you very much and keep on the great work !

great tool, great support

I use Storemanager since several months now andit really is a hughe timesaver.
It needs some work to get used to it, like every complex usefull software, but their reliable support will even make this as easy as possible and continuously answer all questions or even do the configuration. Thank you Nadia !!

kariuki p.
Store manager 2019

The ease of bulk uploads, editing and correcting bugs from an easy UI. Importing and exporting of products once I'm done editing is a very exciting and time efficient feature.
It takes time to learn every feature of the software, luckily there are many tutorials online to give you a guideline on the same.
I wish the payment would be one off and use the software plus get updates for free forever.
If you use magento as your ecommerce store then this is the right s/w for you.
We've really reduced the time taken to assist vendors in managing their stores, also we have cut down the number of staff since this s/w automation has reduced workload.

Marian P.
The best addon software for any online store, especiialy Magento

Pros: One of the most undervalued softwares I could ever found in the ecommerce area. It is simply beautifull how easy is to modify, rearrange and edit bulk products, orders and all those tasks that eats your time. With this software you do the work of 3-4 employs in your spare time.
Cons: It needs some getting used to, the tutorials were very helpfull but it is a learning curve. I suggest you learn to walk before you can run.

Verified Reviewer
Easily perform bulk updates and bulk importers for Magento

Pros: Much like everything else related to Magento, adding products to it is extremely painful. Avoid the built in import/exporter for Magento by using the Store Manager! Create import sheets that include data to catagorize, upload images, special pricing, and more with a single import action! The offer a bridge connection that allows you to make your modifications directly within the software and then push your changes to the website when you're ready!
Cons: I pretty much only have trouble getting the CSV import sheet correct when it comes to images, their labels, and whether or not to exclude them. It seems that I can't find the proper way to enter this data and I always have to review and make updates to the imported products prior to posting the changes to the website.
Overall: Easily manage data within Magento. We recently moved away from Magento because it was too much for what we needed, but when we were on this platform, the store manager was an absolute must. I can't imagine trying to manage a Magento store without it.

Aaron M.
"It’s a must have for any Magento Store"

Easy to use, and there are so many features you cant even use them all! There is an entire wiki for help and documentation, as well as pretty quick support. We use the bridge connection rather than the direct database connection. This allows me to make all necessary changes locally using the software, and then post those changes in bulk once I'm ready.
I have found a bit of a language barrier at times for support, and you have to pay once a year to continue receiving updates. I have had some issues figuring out proper configuration of import templates for things like images, etc. But it's easy enough to fix any issues once the import is complete and prior to posting the changes across the bridge connection.
It's a no brainer, if you're managing a large catalog of products, many customers, or high volume of orders in bulk, you must have this tool.
Importing apparel into Magento in bulk instead of having to do it one by one.

Administrator in Marketing and Advertising
"Useful management system for Magento stores"

Ease of real time reporting of sales data, and extremely easy data exports.
Custom reporting could be better, and should come with some set up to modify.
If you want easier access to store figures, product exports, and the ability to update mass data, Store Manager would be a good application to consider.
Access to data in real time is sometimes an issue in Magento, Store Manager alleviates this problem.

Florin Popa
Absolute fantastic

Pros: In one tab you can modify and select everything with great ease. Just drag & drop, no coding, fabulous design and features
Cons: The high price range, for a startup business is prohibitive, you can also try the free trial, but you get use to it and have to buy it.

Cindy K
Great Support! Great Value!

I did quite a bit of research to find a solution that would work for our business in integrating Magento and Quickbooks. This solution works great, and it is a great value. Plus, we have found the support team to be incredibly helpful. Thanks for the great product!

Helder Morais
Excelente Ferramenta!!!!

Boa tarde.
Comecei a construir a minha loja online há poucas semanas. Trata-se de uma loja online com cerca de 10000 produtos.
Comecei a procurar um software capaz de me ajudar no processo de importação e gestão de produtos, categorias, atributos, etc.
Foi aí que felizmente encontrei o Store Manager.
Em poucos dias consegui criar de modo fácil e intuitivo a minha loja online.
O software é muito prático, fácil de usar e compreender.
Com a importação de ficheiro CSV consegui em poucos minutos o que poderia demorar meses a fazer sem o Store Manager.
Muito obrigado à equipa pelo excelente trabalho!

huzefa ismail
excellent tool for magento developers

Store Manager for Magento is excellent tool for developers as it also to quickly change and update stock and pricing along with order management,attributes and abandoned carts.
we can also import and export large numbers of categories and products with n number of our clients website.

Perry van Helvoort
Magento Store Manager

We are in the process to launch a new website based on Magento. As end-user we are not very enthousiastic about updating products in the Magento interface. We find it too complex.
Magento Store Manager offers much better features to manage/maintain the products/categories and attributes. We now would like to order a second license to install on a different PC so that multiple users can update the database.

Beste Software um Magento Produkte schnell und sauber zu importieren

Beste Magento Software um Produkte schnell und sauber zu importieren. Haben damit bereits über 100 000 Artikel importiert und können die Software nur weiter empfehlen. Wir haben die Software seit über 2 Jahre im Einsatz und hatten damit nie Probleme. Sollte es doch mal zu Problemen kommen ist der Support sofort zur stelle und hat für alles Lösungen. Die ganze Erstellung von Kategorien oder Zuweisung von Produkten funktioniert hier 100x schneller als in Magento. Für mich die beste Software.

Great tool save a lot of time

I'm really suprised how easy it is to manage my store with the store manager. It saves me a lot of time, I use the multi edit a lot, we sell cables and we have all sizes and colours, with this I can adjust multiple products in just a few seconds. Also images and so on.
Support is also fast and good!
My best buy this year!

Lachlan Hutchison
Everything a Magento Store Owner Wants and More

I First found Magento Store Manager when i was looking for a way to import 50 000 + products with images from one of our suppliers. Unfortunately the images were stored in a way that mean't i would have to download each individually taking months to complete. In my searching i came across Magento Store Manager at first i wasn't sure if it would fit the need but too my amazement it did and more. Its ability to import any number of products in a way that doesn't impact server function as well as find broken image links, products not linked to a category and its product management system have saved me countless hours of time that would be wasted otherwise. It also had a very detailed wiki so anytime i had a problem or didn't know how to accomplish a required action, the answer was there !!
Overall I have recommend this software countless times to other business and companies looking for a easy and effective way too manage there Magento Store

Best Software for Managing Magento Store

I am very impressed with this software. I had downloaded this tool since I was having trouble with uploading large amount of inventory. I had been looking for an easy to use software that I could use to upload/ manage the inventory. Till date, I have not found any Windows based software out in the market that supports the front-to-end Magento eCommerce functionality.
Most of the solutions that I found were Cloud based. We as a company were looking for a solution that was more focused on one time license cost rather than spending monthly cost for cloud. Additionally, we were looking for hosting our data on our servers.
After downloading the trial version, it took me literally 20 minutes to configure the application. Once configured the Database to the application, it was all so easy from that point on. The ease with which Store Manager was able to let me upload the inventory was enough for me to purchase the software. Once the business took off, the order management, and integration with both Shipping and Quickbooks was even more helpful. I can now focus on growing my business rather than spending time on working around the complexities of Magento.
I will highly recommend this software to everyone who used Magento Store Front.

Nathalie B.
Helped me stay on point and focused on sales

Store Manager has saved us some major headaches in the realm of inventory and order management. We are glad to have it and recommend it to anyone looking to simplify Magento website management.

Excelente programa


Mohamed Rizwan
Awesome Support

I would like to say that, the support team was awesome. They supported me to the extend while at the reviewing of the product. I encountered issue with my server, the support team supported me to rectify them and was able to review the product. Store Manager is one of a product that will be able to manage the entire store keeping,inventory,updating the price at an easy way.
This is a must have for any serious online shopping management team.

Prithiviraj Krishnakumar
Awesome Software to Manage the Store

I should tell this that this is an amazing software ! Before starting the trial we were wasting most our money on developers where they use to charge us 10 hours just to update the pricing. !
And with Mag manager pro it takes only 30seconds to update the software.
It is very very easy to keep the products upto date of price, images , sku and attributes( creating new and editing them).
The support is very very impressive and helpful in taking screenshots or capturing videos which is easy to follow and easy to complete the required task.
Overall i am satisfied with the software and will highly recommend to my customers.

Aloha Jeff
Great software. Pays for itself in a matter of days!

If you are in a hurry... this software is a huge time saver. Spend the money and save time. They offer a free trial version of the software that's got a few limitations but for the most part what you see in the trial is what you get.
Installation and setup took about 10 minutes from start to finish. It's pretty intuitive and they have some helpful YouTube videos that show you the basics.
We have been using Magento for a little over two years and have slowly become more efficient at importing new products and updating existing ones through CSV files edited in Excel and imported via MAGMI. This process is faster than using the built in Magento Editor or Import functions. With Store Manager for Magento we have cut the time needed to perform weekly updates in half. That's a huge savings every month that will more than pay for the cost of this software.
There are small things that we don't like that may or may not be a deal breaker for you. The installation is limited to one computer per license. This is not an Extension... this is a Windows Application. For us that presents a small frustration but the work around is to use Windows Remote Desktop and remote in from other computers. It's not an ideal solution but it allows the software to be accessed remotely instead of having to shell out $$$ for multiple licenses that may only be used a small amount.
Editing certain attributes in large groups of products is still faster in Excel but Store Manager helps speed up the import / export process.
We could not figure out a way to prepend 300 existing products with an updated SKU and part number inside Store Manager.
We used Store Manager to export the selected products as an Excel file. We then opened the XLS file in Excel and applied a quick \"&A2 to the SKU and Part Number fields and saved it as an XLS file. We then imported the updated database file via the Store Manager software and we were done. That's much faster than our old method where we had to export via Magento, edit the data in Excel, upload the file via FTP and then launch MAGMI to perform the import.
The big time saver is not having to ensure all of the file settings are correct in MAGMI. A process that would have normally taken 20 minutes the old way took about 5 with the help of Store Manager. Saving 15 minutes a day a few times a week really adds up.
As we get more efficient with Store Manager the time savings will continue to increase which will make the software an even better value.
We recently stopped using M2E (only because of their fee structure) and are in the process of attempting to replace M2E with the Store Manager software and their eBay add-on.
The eBay add-on still needs lots of work. The biggest area of improvement needed is in how orders are received via eBay and imported into Magento. Right now that's a little messy but it's better than paying through the nose.
Setting up Store Manager and the eBay Add-on is not as easy as M2E but the cost savings will be worth the additional work required to get it working properly. Not having a recurring monthly M2E charge will be a big money saver for us each year.

Best tool for Magento ever.

Before we came across this software, we had spent thousands of dollars on developers, who could not solve one simple issue, and that was importing and keeping our product catalog updated on a daily basis. We tried many different developer who claimed to be Magneto experts and all of them failed miserably. When you have a live site you cannot wait 48 hours for importing product or modifying them, specially not when your catalog changes on a daily basis. What emagicone Store manager did for us was nothing less than a miracle. It reduced our import and update time to less than 2 hours. The best part is after contacting support this time was reduced even more. Today we import and update our catalog every morning and it takes less than 20 minutes. Did I mention that we at all time have a minimum of 30.000 SKU's ? This is just one aspect of this incredible standalone software. It open a new world for merchants and makes working with products in Magento easy. It also supports any extension you have installed on your Magento store. Great job guys, and thanks for the great support and service. This is money well spent.

Very Useful product. A definite must have

Have used this software for 2 years we have used this software and it is a must have for any serious online store.

James Russon
Top Notch Store Program

After getting overly frustrated at the slowness of Magento, We looked around to see if there was something that could help, and then we came across this Store Manager Application. It does everything we want it to, from Exports/Imports, Order Creation, Order shipping, Category management, Attribution management. The only thing it doesn't do is multiply our sales and revenue by 50... The Program itself is extremely easy to use with a quick installation process and easy setup of website and database details. The customer service I recieve is also excellent, very friendly and always eager to help me out whenever needed.

Excellent addition to magento

Been struggling with management of back end for ages. This solved everything.

Great Magento Data Management Tool

We have found this software to be quite beneficial. Strong points: 1. Excellent and easier product & category importation. 2. Make customer changes, address, etc. easily. (Limitation: requires a state when there isn't one in that country, hence the 4 rating for functionality) 3. Excellent management of products. Very easy to change categories, add items to categories, mass add upsells & crossells. Very helpful here. 4. Anything database related needing changes that one might attempt through the Magento interface is better performed with Store Manager for Magento.

the Market better

this program is fully complete have 10 stores can ship products from one store to another in minutes. Recommend it to everyone, note 10000 service with online chat

Очень хорошая программа!

С этим расширением управление магазинами стало гараздо проще и удобнее. Эта программа намного лучше, чем я ожидал. Экспорт и импорт продуктов, присвоение атрибутов, массовое управление товарами, импорт и эксторт остатков с этой программой стал просто детской забавой. Большое спасибо команде разработчиков. Продожайте в таком же духе! P.S Техподдержка всегда приходит на помощь.

Great manager for Magento

Quick installation just in few steps. Very simple to use. You can make any data changes easily. Fast work saves much time. Precise and usefull online tutorials. Excellent Support. Can help with any question. Sincerely, Store Manager gives everything you need for successful management of your Magento.

Very Good Data manager for Magento

Works as intended, quick install, easy and fast to copy data. Simple and easy to use. Does exactly what it says. Support helped me with some issue.If you want to spare your money and time try or buy it

Darragh Butler, Director
Managing stock levels for large quantity of products.

It means I spend less time on managing stock and products and more on the important stuff

Very usefull

We use the store manager for nearly 4 years and it saved us a trembly amount of time in administration. Expecially for managing products it's our tool. The magento backend lacks functions for multi data editing or stock handling.

A Great Way to Mange Your Magento Catalogue

Magento store manager literally saves us hours of work every single day. It's so simple to use and makes working with your magento catalogue infinitely faster. No more waiting for the browser to refresh, you just make all your changes in one hit then push them out to the website. Support is excellent too with live chat for quick resoluton. Plus there seem to be regular updates and new features coming frequently. Honestly, can't recommend this highly enough!

John Watton, Owner
Emagicone saves us a lot of time as standard magento admin panel is quite slow.

Using the emaigicone software we can update our catelogue of products very quickly and saves us time on expanding the business further. Overall a great product and highly recommend it

Big Data ? Big Changes ? This is the right one !

I've used another platform Manager from this developer and before switching to Magento I checked if THIS was available. Probably I wouldn't have switched if it was not... I need to manage big quantities of data in our database and this is really a SWISS ARMY KNIFE for our needs. I strongly suggest it. And if you don't believe me, you might try it our before purchasing (as I did too !!!).

Giorgio Bignozzi
Actually we are a (good) reseller of MSM, really a product that changes your life.

Our technicians support several Magento shops in the same moment, with MSM they can switch from one shop to the other very quickly, without loosing time in connection, password control, ecc. Import and export tasks are solved immediately and also massive update/delete activities are performed as requested.

Bruno Azeredo, Online Sales Manager
It definitely saves us a lot of time and so it's a major tool in our online success.

We have a lot of products and uploading texts, photos, catalogues is a very demanding task. Assign categories, organizing information, making everything making sense is also a problem we have to tackle. Magento Store Manager, is a sofware that saves us a lot of time. It's incredible how simple tasks that would take a lot of working hours in magento backoffice can be done with a few clicks in store manager. We can also uploading products in the fastest way: first we organize all the information in an excel spreadsheet and then we mass upload our products. It definitely saves us a lot of time and so it's a major tool in our online success.

An absolute necessity...

You really don't know how much you need it until you have it. I know it is a little pricey, but in my honest opinion, it is well worth every penny I spent! If you are debating back in forth on using this software or not (it's not really an extension, I'd call it a desktop software app), I highly recommend just trying it for free...they give you a free 2 week trial and then you will see if you need it. If you have 1000's of products or plan on having that many on your website, then this is the perfect software for importing/exporting products and inventory. I had some problems connecting to my database in at first, but it was a firewall problem. The live support helped me with all issues. NO, I am not affiliated with this company in any way...I just want to give praise on a product when it is worth it.

Probably one of the best working solution we could find for importing products of all types.

Just purchased this extension. Easy to install and always runs direct without high level of technical expertise. I had support configure the connection with the store for me. It’s really very professional and full of useful options. I was pleased with the import/export tool and custom report option. Probably one of the best working solution we could find for importing products of all types. This extension is perfect for any serious project.

Munir Ahmed
Great Product excellent Support

Takes all the hassle out of selling online, We use it to connect our database and it handles each of them perfectly. Cannot fault the product or the support- does exactly what it says it will do and after its fully set up just leave it to do its thing

Does Data Importing Better Than Any Other Tool Out There

Company I work for pitched in the money to get this tool. I dont use it much but when I do I am very thankful for it. Smooth importing of categories, products, and attributes, offering you things that magento does not. There is a guided wizard that does all the matching for you with the internal workings of the Magento database. Dont spend hours waiting to import 1000's of products using magento import profile system. This program provides raw connection to DB to execute those things for you in a matter of seconds, literally. 1000 product import in 20 seconds. Makes web developing breeze from just throwing a skin on there afterwards and calling it a site. I could go into specifics here about the little quirks that make it annoying to use, and its more useful features like backups and day-to-day usage but I'm not a writer. In general, the benefits outweigh the negatives in terms of usefulness. Five stars!

Brilliant extension, which makes working with large stores a pleasure.

Trying to carry out site wide changes using the Magento interface would be soul destroying, for example price changes. I can change the price of 20,000 products in a couple of minutes. Also the csv product import is amazingly quick too. So many time saving features. I prefer working with the PHP bridge mode, it's far quicker in my opinion. As for the minus points: It's far too expensive, but as it's saved me so much time I can almost live with that. Product import and export is limited to 3000 products when you buy the cheaper version. This means I end up having to chop my csv sheets into 7 parts, which is a bit of a pain, but not the end of the world. I'll probably upgrade to the pro version soon purely because it allows me to switch between my different Magento stores much more quickly. If you're serious about building e-commerce sites then buy this, and you might even be able to pass the cost on to the client for buying it!

Ted Glackin, Chief technical Operator For Device
This is a must have for all Magento owners and Developers

Any and all category and product management tasks including image importing and structure is made 100 % easier quicker and more efficient. It is a pleasure to use . This support is like no other they have worked with and supported through phone and remote access to resolve any and all issues we have encountered. This is a must have for all Magento owners and Developers

This addon does what it advertises

I'm so glad I obtained it, as it makes Magento import process simple and fluent! Solid and intuitive interface makes it easy to work with my backend. In case I have some questions or misunderstandings I can fall back upon documentation and cooperative support team. The only weaker point: the license allows the installation and usage on one computer only, for more computers additional license is required. In general, I'm happy because I got what I paid for!

Right choice

Let me join the people saying “good extension” on this application. I keep finding nice features every day. At the same time I appreciate a large number of video tutorials that are very valuable for beginners and explaining most of the useful functions included in this module. Even with such a high price, this extension is worth it.

Rumyana Taseva, Web Project Manager
eMagicOne explained how the add on is working and helped us set all settings.

We are using the automated product import and we had troubles with the settings. eMagicOne helped us a lot and solved our issues. Now the product import is working correctly.

This is the one extension I always wanted to be with

I'm using it on Magento latest version in combination with the "automated product import" for a couple of months now without any problems. I would be willing even to pay to get implemented an automated solution where my products are automatically updated on Amazon. You have created a remarkable product which differs from tools of that kind, thanks!

Peter Yang. Website Owner
Changes products price, Category management, descriptions, and custom options.

Magento Manager is a very strong and powerful tool to managing your Magento Webstore. It makes lot of work in seconds, and I have over 30,000 products in my online store. It's made so easy to manage all products or selected products to change anything about the products. Include name, title, custom options. Even access to the database. Category Management is so powerful and efficiant. It's takes hours to do it in magento backend. But it only takes minutes with Magento Manager.

Wim Bommerez, E-commerce Manager
Updating product info, stock management, updating prices...

Store Manager helps me performing some tasks more efficiently: the mass product editor is very useful to update info for products for a same group. It's also very easy to filter products and export lists to Excel. We use that regularly as well. And in general editing products, stock numbers, prices, .... goes a lot quicker because you don't have to load a new page every time you go to a new tab, like in Magento Admin Panel.

Steve Rich
Really nice extension

It’s a “must have” for each Magento store owner. Customer support is fast and with high quality. Thanks

John Bullac
Professional tool even for non professional users

It is 2 years that I am using this software. I use it every day. During these years I have never had a problem. Recommended for everyone that wants to start and operate a web shop.

I love it

I've been using it for a long time now. With over 20000 products there is no other way for us to manage products. It has some bugs still but all in all it's great.

Nick Mason
Thanks guys for great job!

Using Store Manager for Magento makes my life easier! It works like a charm and there are many features which saves you a lots of hours of work if you have to do the same trough the Magento back-end.

Worth it

I would say the price is worth the time it saves you. Questions were answered within 24 hours.