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Store Manager for Magento v2.23.1.1262 – Product Drag-and-Drop, Abandoned Cart – User Statistics, Payment Method Details Export

Date:March, 24

Great news for store owners who run Magento-based shops!

eMagicOne Team has implemented new features and major improvements to Store Manager for Magento Enterprise, Professional and Standard Edition .

What does new version bring its users:


  • New information window has been added to Store Manager (only to trial version). It notifies users about the state of trial version, provides purchase and registration details

  • magento store manager trial window

  • Now Abandoned Carts section provides some user statistics, namely, orders made by a customer; orders which contain a product that is currently in Abandoned Cart. The possibility to switch to orders section has been added in this release

  • magento abandoned carts customer info

  • Now products can be moved between categories with the help of drag-and-drop technique

  • magento products drag-and-drop

  • The possibility to create custom filters basing on Store Diagnostics results have been added to Store Manager for Magento. You can select diagnostics results and click on filter icon (on the context menu or on the toolbar). Filter with corresponding name (diagnostics type) will be created and you will be automatically transferred to the product grid where bulk updates with Multi Editors can be performed

  • magento custom filter

    magento product filter in grid


  • Abandoned Ration column, displaying product popularity (%), has been added to Product in Carts section

  • magento abandoned cart

  • Possibility to check whether some changes have been made to database (in order to avoid "Duplicate entry key" error) has been implemented in this release of Store Manager for Magento
  • Order export wizard now allows to select for exporting fields, related to Payment Method, namely Payment Method, Payment ID, Payment method name, Payment Additional Information

  • magento payment export

  • Product image preview column has been added to Store Diagnostics. Images will be displayed in the results, once you have ran any of diagnostics types

  • magento diagnostics image preview

  • Previously Qty could not be detected in Product Multi Editor. Now 4 macros, connected with Qty, are available in Multi Editor and can be used in expressions

  • magento quantity in multi editor

  • For bridge connection: it is possible to set notification connected to changes, implemented to database from other administration area. If some changes are made, Store Manager will notify you about modification, so that you can perform Get Data operation to view the latest information in Store Manager
  • Cart total, their number and number of orders will be displayed in Store Manager
  • Now you can call "Edit Reward Exchange Rate" window double clicking on corresponding record
  • For bridge connection: Now if you cancel “Get Data from Web” operation, bridge stops working and does not load server. Previously it continued to work for some time

  • magento cancel Get bridge


  • URL key assignment logic has been changed and now Store Manager works in the same way, Magento admin does (default URL key can be used for different store views)
  • Previously new customers were not added if "Add and Modify" import method was selected. The issue has been corrected and customers are imported properly
  • Previously images were recorded incorrectly into PDF Catalog Creator Addon. The problem has been fixed in this release
  • Product listings are being successfully updated in PDF Catalog Creator Addon
  • Formerly it was not possible to view product page from PDF Catalog Creator (Show in Browser option did not work). The problem has been fixed and you can view product page
  • Now when uploading products to specific Store View (if Price attribute is of Global scope in Admin) prices are being updated properly (globally)
  • Now empty value can be assigned to the attribute with input type "drop-down"
  • Order Total report did not show information previously. Now it works correctly and information is being displayed
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