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Store Manager for Magento v. – Magento Order Import, Reindex from Store Manager, eBay Order Import, Addon Improvements

Great news for Magento store owners!

New version of Store Manager for Magento (Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition) packed with new features, major enhancements and addon improvements has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes can be accessed from the list below.


  • Magento order import feature has been added in Store Manager for Magento Enterprise and Professional Editions.

  • Improvements:

    • Now Store Manager checks what Magento version you use and shows a notifying message if Store Manager is not compatible or is partially compatible with current Magento version.

    • Bridge version 7.52 support has been added.

    • Important: Using this version of Store Manager and newer, you should update bridge.php file to 7.52 and newer via connection wizard (if you have bridge connection). Store Manager users having direct connection set up, can upload bridge.php to server via corresponding option in Store Manager.

    • “Reindex product data by Store Manager” and “Reindex product data by bridge” options are now available at Import Options step of Store Manager Import wizard. Now data reindex can be performed from Store Manager directly or reindex request can be sent to the server (if “Reindex product data by bridge” option is enabled).


    • Previously Access Violation error occurred if one double clicked anywhere in the grid in Abandoned Carts tab. The issue has been fixed and no error appears in this Store Manager for Magento.
    • Order export malfunction (not all ordered products were exported) has been eliminated in this release.
    • Previously barcode labels were generated for all Magento products, notwithstanding what items were selected as target for label creating. The inconvenience has been fixed in this version and now barcode labels are generated for selected items.
    • Copying of categories (with products) between websites is now performed accurately via Store Manager application.
    • Now image assign from FTP folder works properly.
    • There occurred image regenerate issue, if image name started from capital letter. The problem has been fixed and image names are regenerated properly.
    • Some errors related to SSH using have been fixed in this Store Manager for Magento release.

    Order Store Manager for Magento Order Now

    Store Manager for Magento Addons Enhancements

    Magento PDF Catalog Creator

    • New “Lookbook” template has been added to PDF Catalog Creator addon.

    • PDF Catalog Creator launch from product context menu (when certain products are selected) has been added.

    • Dialog window with further actions - “Assign product(s) to a category”, “Move product(s) to a category (move but keep other categories)”, “Move product(s) to a category (assign only selected category)” - now appears when products are moved between categories via Drag&Drop.

    • Adding products to PDF Catalog categories, you can view process completion on enhanced progress bar in PDF Catalog Creator addon.

    • Possibility to print PDF catalogs in various languages (depending on store view selected) has been implemented to PDF Catalog Creator addon.

    • Quality scale and possibility to compress output PDF catalogs has been added to the addon.
    • Now PDF Catalog Creator addon will offer to use wizard for PDF catalog setup at the first addon launch.
    • Splash window notifying about PDF Catalog Creator launch has been added.
    • PDF catalog removing has been optimized and accelerated.

    Amazon Integration Addon

    • “Show product quantity” option has been added to Amazon Integration addon. If this option is enabled, number of products in each category is displayed. Respectively, the option is being disabled, quantity will not be displayed.

    • Product removing from the grid has been optimized. “Remove all” button has been added.
    • Category mapping has been optimized in Amazon Integration Addon.

    eBay Integration Addon

    • Now eBay orders can be imported to Magento with Store Manager and eBay Integration Addon.

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