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Store Manager for Magento v. – Magento CE 2.1.8-2.1.9 Support, Magento Related Product Generator, New LookBooks

Great news for Magento store owners!

New version of Store Manager for Magento (Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition) renewed with some and enhancements has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes for v. can be accessed from the list below.


  • Related Product Generator has been implemented to Store Manager for Magento. It allows to automatically generate and associate related, up-sell and cross-sell products via the application.


  • Bridge.php v.7.62 has been released.

  • PDF Catalog Creator addon has been updated with new lookbook templates.


  • Import/export of Magento price rules has been fixed in this version of Store Manager application.

  • Previously associated products did not display for configurable products in Store Manager if multistock option was enabled in Magento. The issue has been fixed and associated products display correctly now.

  • "Clear Image Gallery" option worked incorrectly and image records were not cleared for imported products. The issue has been fixed and images are removed properly now.

  • "Add associated products" button issue has been corrected.

  • Attribute values containing " symbol could not be added in Store Manager formerly. The issue has been eliminated.

  • Incorrect work of "Missing meta titles and meta descriptions" diagnostics type has been fixed in this version of Store Manager application.

  • The error occurred after product import if bridge connection was used in Store Manager application. The issue has been eliminated and import runs properly now.

*Store Manager v.

Compatibility with Magento Magento CE 2.1.8 and CE 2.1.9 has been implemented.

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