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Store Manager for Magento v. – SMTP, Magento 2.1.6, Custom Options Autoimport, Configurable Product Generator

Great news for Magento store owners!

New version of Store Manager for Magento (Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition) renewed with some features and enhancements has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes for v. can be accessed from the list below.


  1. SMTP support has been added. Now it is possible to perform the following actions from Store Manager for Magento:
    • send e-mails from customer grid, order grid, abandoned carts section, general/custom reports sections;
    • configure e-mail templates, outgoing e-mails;

    • Store Manager for Magento v.
      Store Manager for Magento v.

    • set up e-mail notifications informing about scheduled tasks accomplishment;
    • schedule abandoned cart, general/custom report emails.
  2. "General reports" section has been enhanced with filtering options. Now it is possible to filter reports by time period, save or load filter configuration with settings.

  3. Store Manager for Magento v.
    Store Manager for Magento v.

  4. SSH authorization via private key has been added.

  5. Store Manager for Magento v.
    Store Manager for Magento v.

  6. "Configuration" block that allows to save and load filter configurations has been added to Shopping Cart section of Store Manager for Magento.

  7. Automated export and import of Magento custom options has been implemented. Custom options import/export configurations can be added to scheduler now.

  8. Store Manager for Magento v.
    Store Manager for Magento v.


  1. Store Manager is compatible with Magento CE v.2.1.6. The application can be used to handle stores, based on this version of shopping cart.

  2. Magento 2 configurable product generator has been improved.
    1. The options, responsible for image assign to associated simple products, have been added. When generating associated products, you can:
      • Apply unique images by attribute to each SKU
      • Apply single set of images to all SKUs
      • Apply parent images to all SKUs
      • Skip image uploading at this time

      Store Manager for Magento v.
      Store Manager for Magento v.

    2. There has been added the possibility to set price and quantity for simple products depending on configurable attributes used to generate variations. Price and stock can be set for each of simple product individually after pressing "Preview and Apply" button in the wizard.

    Store Manager for Magento v.
    Store Manager for Magento v.


    • URL rewrite did not work for the new products created via cloning option in Store Manager. If URL key of cloned product was substituted with the new URL key, still the old URL key displayed in browser. The issue has been resolved in this version of Store Manager.

    • Previously special symbols (e.g Ä, Ü) were exported incorrectly in the process of configurable products export via Store Manager. This inconvenience has been fixed in current version of the application.

    • Incorrect backend_module value was specified for attributes of multiselect input type on Magento versions 1.9.3.x if these attributes were created via Store Manager. The issue has been fixed and now appropriate backend_model is assigned to the attributes.

    • Attributes with incorrect entity types will be detected in the process of product import and skipped respectively. Store Manager will display the message notifying about improper entity type of this attribute.

    • 0 value for attributes of "Price" type can now be removed through Store Manager.

    • Formerly if product with different prices per website was added in POS, default website value was displayed. Now this issue has been fixed and correct price for specific website is shown.

    • Previously price type was specified incorrectly for bundle products converted from simple products in Store Manager for Magento. The issue has been fixed in this version of the application.

    *Known issues:

    1. Product images display improperly on category listing.

    2. Images of associated products do not load after configurable product is generated in Store Manager if Magento Store Manager Connector is used to access Magento database.

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