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Store Manager for Magento v. – Magento 2.3.4 Open Source and Commerce Editions Support

Great news, Magento store owners!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento, filled with important enhancements has just been rolled out.

Detailed release notes for v. can be accessed from the list below.


  • Barcode Generator has been added. It allows you to generate custom UPC and EAN13 codes for products. To generate barcodes, right-click on the products grid and select the tool in the context menu.

  • EAN13 and UPC Barcode Generator
    Launch Barcode Generator from the Context Menu

    In the open window, choose the type of barcode, specify necessary options like country code for EAN13 and prefix for UPC. Note that codes are assigned to appriate attributes so you should have them created in advance:

    Magento Store Manager EAN13 and UPC Generator
    Choose Barcode Type, Specify Code Parameters and Choose Attributes to Assign the Code to


  • Magento 2.3.4 Open Source and Commerce Editions are now supported by Store Manager.

  • New Bridge Connector (for Magento 2.3) that supports stores with large databases using Cloudflare has been released. Click to download a zip file with the new Bridge Connector for Magento 2.3.

  • An option allowing to specify the size of packets (Mb) that Bridge Connector will generate to GET data from the web has been added.

  • Magento Store Manager Connector Get Dump Block Size
    GET Dump Block Size Settings

  • In the Product Import Wizard, an option Clear Tier Prices has been added. If the import file doesn’t contain tier prices, then with the new option it is possible to remove existing tier prices. If the import file contains tier prices, then existing values will be replaced with the new ones regardless of the option.

  • Amazon Integration v. has been released. In the new version, an error with posting changes to the French marketplace has been fixed.

  • eBay Integration v. has been released. In the new version, an issue with saving and restoring configuration from file in the sections Map Product and Import Orders from eBay has been eliminated.

  • A new version of QuickBooks Integration has been added. Now, while exporting orders to Quickbooks, it is possible to export a product to the Inventory Site (Quickbooks Enterprise Solution) and add Order Status, Payment Method and Shipping Method in the Memo field.
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  • An issue with the incorrect SubTotal in the Invoice Report has been fixed.

  • An inconvenience with Store Diagnostics tool freezing during Data Integrity diagnostics has been eliminated.

  • An issue with the images upload to the server during product import has been resolved.

  • An error with Store Manager freezing during the category drag and drop operation has been fixed.

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