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Store Manager for Magento v. – Enhanced Generation of Simple Products for Configurable Ones

Great news, Magento store owners!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento with a number of important enhancements has just been rolled out.

Explore the detailed release notes for the v. below.


  • The generation of associated products for a configurable product has been enhanced. Now you can massively generate simple products for configurable products with different attribute sets.

  • Select several configurable products in the grid > open the Associated products tab > press the Select Configurable Attributes button > tick corresponding check boxes to select the attributes:

    Selecting Configurable Attributes from Different Attribute Sets
    Tick the Check Boxes to Select Configurable Attributes from Different Attribute Sets

  • Now while importing products with tier prices the existing tier prices remain unchanged. To overwrite existing values, on the last step of the import wizard (Import Options) under Clear Relations select the Tier Price check box:

  • Tier Price Check Box to Overwrite Existing Values
    Select the Tier Price Check Box to Overwrite Existing Values

  • A new Amazon Integration v. has been released. In the new version:
  • - A new functionality has been added allowing you to send messages to the customers from the Order Management section within Amazon Integration:

    Send Message Option in the Amazon Integration
    Send Message Option in the Amazon Integration Added

    - Now you can preview orders from Amazon before importing them to the store.

    - A possibility to post custom simple products into Amazon departments - Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Girls' Fashion, Boys' Fashion, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry has been added.

    Extend Updates

  • A new eBay Integration Addon v. with the possibility to export products to eBay Motors has been released.

  • A quick editing option to change stock availability value right in the product grid has been added (for the stores that work without MSI.)

  • Quick Editing of Stock Availability
    Quick Editing of Stock Availability in the Grid
  • In POS, a field to add comments to an order has been added:

  • Add Comment to Order in POS
    Adding a Comment to an Order in POS
  • Now it is possible to select several categories to display products in them.
  • First, in the Filter select Show products from selected categories. Then holding down the Ctrl key left-click to select the categories:

    Selecting Several Categories
    Select Several Categories with CTRL + Left-Click

  • The focus on the current category is now kept after the closing of Store Manager.


  • An error occuring after the Store Manager launch (after the application was updated to the v. has been fixed.

  • Earlier, the option “Delete products not in file" didn’t not work if the "Cache import data" option was enabled in the Import wizard. This issue has been eliminated.

  • An issue with the rows shifting when adding associated products to a configurable product has been corrected.
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