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Store Manager for Magento v. – New Bridge Connector for Magento 2.3

Great news, Magento store owners!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento with a number of important enhancements has just been rolled out.

Explore the detailed release notes for the v. below.


  • 1. In the “Categories” grid, a possibility to search categories by name has been added. You can use the following criteria to find necessary category(s): Exact phrase, All the words, Any word:
Filter added to search category by name
Use the filter to search category(s) by name


  • Now Store Manager correctly adds a new automated product import in the queue if the previous task is not yet completed.

  • In the Enterprise Edition, the “Store Diagnostics” tool now offers two separate diagnostics: “Category URL key duplicates” and “Product URL key duplicates”. Formerly there was one “Duplicate URL keys” diagnostics.

  • During product import, Store Manager now detects if an attribute has a “Unique value” property enabled and doesn’t add values for such attributes. The list of products and attributes that weren’t added is written in the log file “NotUnique_*.csv", folder: c:\Users\user\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\Logs\

  • Extend Updates
  • To increase the speed of assigning products to websites the operation "Reindex product data" has become optional and it is disabled by default:

  • Assign products to website without reindex
    To increase the speed of assigning products to website reindex is made optional

  • In the Product Export Wizard, the check boxes in the "Product Relations" section are now unchecked by default. As these options are not used often, it would be more convenient to check them when needed:

  • Export products relations unchecked
    In Product Export Wizard, Products Relations options are unchecked by default

  • In the window “Add Category” the focus will be set to the "Name" field:

  • Category name in focus
    When adding new category category name the cursor now is in category Name field

  • In the product grid of Store Manager, the "Product" column was renamed to "Product Name" as it is in the native Magento store admin.

  • Column renamed to Product Name
    In the Products grid, column "Name" renamed to "Product Name"

  • eBay Addon has been updated to v. In the new version, an issue when only the first word from item specific was posted to eBay has been fixed. Also the parameters of posting products to Auto & Motors, US have been corrected.

  • QuickBooks Online Integration v. has been added. In the new version, an issue “Duplicates not allowed” occuring during order export from a store to QuickBooks Online has been fixed.

  • A new version of Bridge Connector 2.3.2 for Magento 2.3 has been added. Download from Magento marketplace.

  • Now it is possible to exclude only those tables that don’t influence the performance of Store Manager.


  • In the Connection Wizard, an issue with testing connection when the field “Store root directory” is empty has been fixed.

  • Earlier, during the creation of an invoice the “Update qty’s” button overlapped the “OK” button in some languages. This inconvenience has been eliminated.

  • An issue when auto export didn’t work for filtered products has been corrected.

Extend Updates

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