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Store Manager for Magento v. Magento Commerce Edition Support, Discounts in POS, Attributes from All Store Views in One Grid

Great news, Magento store owners!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento has just been rolled out.

Explore the list of enhancements and download the update to benefit from the new functionality.


  • Magento Commerce Edition is now supported by Store Manager.

  • A possibility to add a discount with a comment in POS is added.

  • We’ve been receiving requests for a possibility to add discounts with a comment while creating order in POS. So, now this option is available for you! Add a discount in the Order Discount field, and the total price will be automatically recalculated. You can also add any relevant note:

    Discount and Comment fields added in POSDiscount
    Add discount and comment while creating order in POS

  • Working with products in the product grid, you can display not only columns with attribute values for the current store view but for all store views as well:

  • Show additional attributes from other store views
    Use the "Show additional attributes" option to shows attributes for all store views

    Later you can show/hide columns for different store views:

    Show Hide Columnts in Store Manager for Magento
    Select check boxes to show/hide certain columns

    With this improvement, you can compare prices and other product details across your multiple stores.

  • PDF Catalog Integration v. comes with the brand new lookbook templates.

  • Create compelling lookbooks in just a few clicks to promote your products:

    Magento PDF Creator New Templates
    Use new templates within Magento PDF Creator to create lookbooks with your products

  • Now you can give filters meaningful names. You can enter the name while creating a new filter or select the existing filter and rename it as you wish:

  • Magento rename filter
    Name a filter while creating it or rename existing filter
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  • Amazon Integration v. supports Amazon Netherlands.

  • Also in the new Amazon Integration version:

    - You can add bullet points to your Amazon listings selecting appropriate product fields from the store:

    Magento Amazon Integration Add Bullet Points
    Use Magento Amazon Integration to add bullet points to your listings

    - You can select custom store fields for product Name and Description on Amazon:

    Magento Amazon Integration Custom Name and Description
    Select other store fields for a product's Name and Description on Amazon

  • eBay Integration v. has been added.

  • In the new version, we’ve fixed issues with displaying eBay ID in the "Manage your product listing" window and saving store language in the setting of the listing.

  • Previously, the users employing direct connection had to reconnect manually when connection to MySQL server or internet connection was lost. Now Store Manager reconnects automatically allowing you to keep up with your workflow.

  • Setting up a connection to the store, you can now test the SSH connection. The option is available in the Preferences > Database Connection > SSH:

  • Test SSH Connection Button
    Usethe new option to test SSH connection
  • Product export became fast again. After the previous update, some users reported that product export took more time than usual. We’ve identified the reason and optimized the Import/Export tool to work fast again.

  • Bridge 7.75 has been released. It allows using bridge connection even if MySQL server has Strict mode enabled.

  • QuickBooks Online Integration v. has been released. It now supports the updated requirements for the authorization on the QuickBooks Online server.

  • In the Image Preview window, it is now possible to zoom the images using Ctrl +/- keys. Also, the ability to switch between images within one product has been added.

  • Zoom Image
    Now you can zoom image in the Image Preview window


  • Fixed issue with the wrong product price during export to QuickBooks online.

  • Fixed irrelevant message “The current Store Manager version is incompatible with Bridge Connector extension version” which was displayed while testing the connector module.

  • Fixed an error when products associated with several categories and then dissociated from one category via Mass Changer were automatically assigned to another parent category.

  • Resolved an error with the empty URL-key in the rl_rewrite table which caused an issue when after moving a product to another category the homepages showed the product page.

  • Fixed the work of Store Manager with Danish localization. Go to Localization in the Preferences to download and install the language package.

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