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Store Manager for Magento v. – Reviews Import/Export

Great news, Magento store owners!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento is here for you.

Learn about new feature, improvemens, and fixes below and download the update to benefit from the new functionality.


  • A new "Import/Export Product Reviews" tool has been added in Store Manager.

  • The tool can be accessed via the main tools panel in the "Store" tab, Products tool panel, or a drop-down menu:

    Import Export Magento Reviews Tool
    Access the Import/Export Products Reviews tool via the tools menu or a drop-down menu

    Reviews export works similar to other types of exports in Store Manager. Launch the Import/Export Product Reviews Wizard and follow the tips to complete the task:

    Export Magento Reviews
    Steps to export Magento reviews with Store Manager

    Exported review data looks as follows:

    Magento Reviews Exported
    View Magento reviews exported to a file


  • Possibility to name and rename custom filters has been added.

  • When creating your own filters you can now give them meaningful names for fast recognition. Also, it’s possible to rename existing filters.

    Add Filter Name
    Name a filter while creating it
  • ICEcat Integration has been renewed to v. and optimized for updating products from the Full ICEcat account.

  • In the updated eBay Integration v. issues with saving selected store language in the listing settings and filling in the data in the “Shipments” tab were eliminated.

  • Managing stores with several storeviews, it is now possible to select what Short Description and Description should be displayed in the lower grid: from the default store view or selected store view.

  • Magento Multistore Descriptions Display
    Select whether to display descriptions for the default or current store view


  • Errors occuring after opening the Related Prоduct Generator tool have been fixed.

  • Eliminated issue with order status not saved if changed to a non-default.

  • Now Store Manager correctly saves the configuration of the product auto-import if the product's identifier is other than SKU.

  • Fixed issue with exporting attribute labels created in the back end and specified differently for different store views.

  • Earlier, after changing the product's price in the order the product’s quantity was decremented even if the “Manage Stock” option was set to “Disabled”. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying correct Short Description and Description in the lower product grid if they were edited via Miltieditor for a certain store view.
  • Now Store Manager correctly exports products if export configuration has settings to export only filtered or selected products.

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