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Store Manager for Magento v. – Import/Export Wizards and Related Product Generator Enhanced

Great news for Magento store owners!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento featuring a number of improvemens and fixes has been released.

Learn about all the enhancements and fixes below. Download the update to benefit from the new functionality.


  • In the Categories Import Wizard, we've implemented a possibility to import values for different store views.

  • For this, at the "Assign .csv columns to the database fields" step you should select a newly added method to identify categories — Category name (admin) + Category path (admin).

    When you select this method, there appear drop-downs in which you can select corresponding fields for Category Name and Category Path:

    Magento Import Categories For Store Views
    Magento Import Categories For Store Views

  • In the Products Export Wizard, it is now possible to select the products to export by checking the categories, creating filters and selecting existing filters from the list.

  • Magento Export Select the Products To Export
    New Options To Select The Products to Export

  • In the Related Products Generator, we’ve added a “Reverse relations“ option for related and cross-sell products.
  • Select the check box if you want to link products between each other. Leave the option unchecked if you want to only link related products to the "main" products (selected at the first step):

    Magento Related Products Generator Reverse Connections
    Specify if You Want to Reverse Connections Between Related and Cross-Sell Products

  • In the Products Import Wizard, the usability of linking/unlinking CSV columns to database fields has been improved.
  • Now, when you unlink some column from a database field the cursor moves to the upper field (previously the cursor stayed in the same row).


  • In the QuickBooks Online Integration v. we’ve fixed an issue with logging into the QuickBooks Online account. (The addon’s version is compatible with Store Manager v. and higher.)

  • A new Bay Integration v. has been released (This version of the addon is compatible with Store Manager v. and higher.)
  • Here are the changes that were made:

    — An issue with logging into eBay account has been fixed.

    — On the "Select Category Setting" step, specific option names containing a space are now displayed correctly.

    — An errors with showing duplicate specific options in the drop-down has been eliminated.

    — An inconvenience with the prices being updated on eBay though the price update option is inactive has been eliminated.

  • An error with the early running of the reindex on the server has been fixed.

  • Now automated products import is run correctly after the Store Manager update.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect generation of URL paths for categories.

  • Extend Updates

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