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Store Manager for Magento v. – Integration with Google Drive

Great news for the owners of Magento stores!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento with new features, some improvemens, and fixes has been released.

Learn about all the enhancements and fixes below. Download the update to benefit from the new functionality.


  • Integration with Google Drive has been added. Now it’s possible to import/export products, categories, and orders from/to Google Spreadsheets.
  • On the first step of import/export wizards where you specify the location to save file to/import file from, select the "Google spreadsheets" option and add your Google Account. You can even add several Google Accounts, for example, to import/export data for different suppliers.

    Magento Store Manager Google Drive Integration
    Add your Google Account to Integrate it with Store Manager

  • Import/Export Categories Wizard, as well as Attributes, Custom Options, Card Price Rules, Product Reviews Wizards now support import from HTTP and FTP URLs.
  • Magento Store Manager Import From HTTP and FTP
    Import Categories From HTTP and FTP using Import/Export Wizard in Store Manager


  • In the Import/Export Categories Wizard, the "Preview .csv file" step has been merged with the "Select fields delimiter and quote character" step. Now, specifying the delimiters you can instantly check below how the file was parsed:
  • Magento Store Manager Preview Categories Import
    Select delimiters and check the preview to see how the file was parsed


  • Corrected an issue with rebuilding Category Indexes during which category URLs were rebuilded. Now, the Rebuild Category Indexes command can be launched for 1 selected category at a time only.
  • An error with not all attribute values imported has been eliminated.
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