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Store Manager for Magento v. with Completely Redesigned UI (Beta)

Great news for the owners of Magento stores!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento has been released.

Download the Beta version of the updated Store Manager to check out its new look and improved usability.


  • Store Manager has got a completely redesigned UI and a new toolbar layout. Starting today, Store Manager with the redesigned interface is available in Beta version.

  • Magento Store Manager New Look Beta
    The New Look of Store Manager for Magento (Beta)


  • The POS window now opens full screen by default.
  • In POS, the currency sign is now displayed next to the sum total.

  • Magento Store Manager POS Currency
    Currency Sign Added in POS

  • The following integrations have been updated in the release to be compatible with the new version of Store Manager (therefore, they won't be compatible with earlier Store Manager versions):
    • QuickBooks Online Integration v.
    • PDF Catalog Creator v.
    • USPS v.
    • ICEcat Integration v.
    • QuickBooks Integration v.
    • eBay Integration v.
    • Amazon Integration v.
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