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Store Manager for Magento v. – Improved Generation of Configurable Products (Enterprise Edition)

Great news for the owners of Magento stores!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento with improvement and a number of fixes is already available.


  • Now, when configurable product is created from custom options*, the prices of associated products are generated with account of a store view and custom options price mark-up.

    *Feature available in the Enterprise Edition.


  • Product export configurations are now restored correctly.

  • Store Manager won't freeze during order import.

  • Fixed issue when during order import only first product from the order was imported.

  • Earlier, after creating a shipment for an order, the product's quantity wasn’t decreased from stock. This error was eliminated.

  • Fixed issue with product’s quantity decremented twice after the product was added to an order.

  • When creating shipping for an order, the Allocated Source is now assigned correctly in cases when only Default source is used.

  • Fixed issue with the incorrect calculation of order total after deleting a bundled product from the order.

  • Corrected an error with Store Manager freezing upon its closing if previously PDF Catalog Creator addon was used.

  • Released PDF Catalog Creator v. Fixed issue with a category not added if it has just one product.
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