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Store Manager for Magento v. – Export File Upload to FTP

Great news for the Magento store owners!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento with improvements and fixes has been released.


  • The possibility to upload a file to FTP in products and orders export wizards has been added.

  • Magento Store Manager Export To Ftp
    New Export To FTP Option Added

  • Now, there is a possibility to set up a startup page in Store Manager.

  • Magento Store Manager Startup Page
    Set Up Startup Page in Store Manager

  • After removing products from an order, Shipping&Handling values are now recalculated according to the default shopping cart settings.

  • The alignment of text and numerical values in the grids has been improved.

  • From now on, when editing the quantity of the product in the order, Store Manager does not allow adding more than there is in the Salable Quantity of the product.

  • Magento Store Manager Salable Quantity Warning
    Warning is Ordered Quantity Exceeds Salable Qty

  • Updated addons: QuickBooks Online v., QuickBooks integration v., ICEcat Integration v., USPS Shipping Integration v.


  • Now, product price in the order is displayed the same as on the website where the order was made.
  • Starting from current version of Store Manager, the option “Close application after import completed” works correctly.
  • Earlier, if in the Import Products Wizard one of the options from the Post-import behavior setting was selected, the Pending Data was empty after import completion. This issue has been fixed.
  • An issue when after image deletion its record remained in the database has been fixed.
  • Grid view custom settings (columns and cell size) are being saved after closing the software.
  • An inconvenience preventing correct restore of product export configurations has been eliminated.
  • The dynamic fields in the Connection Wizard have been corrected.
  • Now, when the product quantity in the order is reduced, the deducted number of items is added back to the salable quantity.
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