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Store Manager for Magento v. Will Create Tables with Prefixes Used in Store Database

Great news for the Magento store owners!

A new version of Store Manager for Magento with a number of improvements and fixes has been released. Review all the changes and download the new version.


  • Now, tables used for internal Store Manager needs (for Store Manager's access management, grid filtering, addons) will be created with the same prefixes as Magento itself. This will allow to overcome a known Magento bug.

  • Added support for MySQL 8. This has fixed an issue when not all fields in the Import/Export Wizards were displayed.

  • In the Clear Product Details tool, a new option "Delete special price" has been added. To use the option, select products that you need to edit, then open shortcuts menu and run the Cleat Product Details tool.

  • Magento Store Manager Delete Special Prices Massively
    Delete Magento Special Prices Massively

  • Store Manager now correctly creates shipping for bundle products. When creating shipping for a bundle product, child product quantity will be decremented.

  • Added new Bridge v.7.79.

  • The updated eBay Integration v. works with the new eBay API. Also, it’s now possible to use zero value for parameter Handling Time.

  • Added new QuickBooks integration v. and USPS Shipping Management Integration v. optimized for Magento databases using a custom prefix.


  • Store Diagnostics Tool now works correctly with image names containing umlauts.

  • Fixed issue with assigning a correct status for orders with On-hold status if the Unhold option was used.

  • In POS, available product quantity is now taken from the field Salable Qty.

  • Earlier, while editing a category option Page Layout, the selected value wasn’t saved in the database. This issue has been fixed.

  • Fixed issue when after updating data via Multi Editor, columns Shipping and Handling were not updated.

  • Selecting orders to print invoices now works correctly.

  • Fixed issue when after selecting several orders and creating invoices for them, product options wouldn’t display in the invoice.

  • Eliminated an error when upon adding products to an empty category, the button Multi Editors was inactive.

  • In the Import Products Wizard, fixed the issue leading to incorrect displaying of the number of importing records in the progress bar.
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