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Store Manager for Magento v2.13.0.908 – magento products position control, image label change, new order invoice form, connections improvements

Great news! eMagicOne.com Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for Magento.

The latest version of the Store Manager has been updated with the new cutting-edge features.

Here’s what you can get a hand of:

New Features:

- New option for Bridge connection. Now you can optimize "Get" operation performance by enabling "Optimize speed" option in Preferences. By default this options is enabled for new version of Bridge connections. Note, if you want it to work you need to upload new version of bridge.php file (ver. 7.23) to the server. If this option is enabled, only part of database tables will be retrieved, those required for Store Manager to work;

- In Magento by default new products are created with position in category equal to zero. Now you can change product position clicking "Sort by grid position" button above products grid. You may also move Magento products up or down in categories by clicking corresponding button;

- Now it is possible to type image label directly in the "Add new image" window. Previously it was possible to edit image labels in image grid only.


- Products Import: Now on “Assign CSV file Columns to Database Fields” step of Magento import, in .csv file columns grid mouse scrolling will work leftwards-rightwards instead of upwards-downwards;

- Invoice: Invoice page has been improved. Store address and details have been added. Now "Telephone" and "Fax" fields will be shown only if a customer has them, etc. Some minor bugs were fixed, like payment methods, not displayed on specific databases, etc. Note, on condition that you have customized Invoice page, it will be replaced during installation of new version of Store Manager and automatically backed up into this directory: ""c:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\Reports_%date%"";

- Orders: Now discount name is displayed in Order Total section;

- ICEcat Integration: Now when images are uploaded to database, they are automatically excluded from Image Gallery (3 images of different size are usually uploaded: Base, Small and Thumbnail. Previously by default they were displayed under Base Image, in Image Gallery);

- Bridge Connection: Now when configuring Bridge connection, Store Manager will generate randomly name for file "bridge.php". This ensures security;

- Bridge Connection: In "Database Backup/Restore” wizard the "Force clear database before executing" option is no longer available on Bridge connection, due to the fact, that by default not all tables are retrieved into Store Manager via Bridge connection;

- Downloadable Products: Now after editing downloadable link title Post/Cancel buttons are displayed. Previously new title was applied only after clicking on other field or product;

- Hotkeys: hotkeys have been added to general windows like Attributes, Orders, Custom SQL, etc. The shortcuts are displayed in hints;

- Plugins: Now all addons will be loaded into memory with Store Manager only on first application run. On next launches Store Manager will not load addon .dll files into memory until user clicks on certain addon. This decreases resources used by Store Manager and does not affect user interface - all installed addons will be available in Store Manager;

- Preferences: Now Interface language can be switched without Store Manager restarting;

- Preferences: "Connection timeout" setting has been added in Preferences for direct MySQL connection. This setting will be useful for users with very slow servers or Internet connection.


- eBay Integration: Now when exporting attribute of "Yes/No" type to eBay - Yes or No will be exported instead of 1 and 0 values;

- Magento Import/Export: Now file path is saved into configuration in Attributes and Custom Options Import/Export Wizard;

- Custom Options: Now custom options in Japanese are copied/pasted correctly;

- Orders: Now tax is calculated correctly when adding a product to order;

- Now it is possible to assign category thumbnail image when creating new category. Previously it could be done only when editing existing category;

- Magento Products Search: "Search on start" option has been removed. Now search on start is executed automatically if option "Instant results" is enabled;

- Categories: Previously category level value was not updated in database after category drag-and-dropping. This issue has been fixed;

- Connection Wizard: Now Store Manager will not allow to use specific characters for connection configuration names;

- Group Prices: Now Store Manager creates group prices for different websites properly;

- Store Views: Previously Store View names in Japanese were not displayed correctly. This issue has been fixed;

- Windows XP: Now reindex process works on Windows XP. Previously Store Manager froze when editing product on Windows XP;

- Interface Language: Now ribbon captions are translated;

- Attribute Options: Now attribute options are deleted properly in attribute edit form. Previously first upper option was deleted instead of selected.

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