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Store Manager for Magento v. – DataFlow Import, Category ID assign, Associated Products With SKUs

Great news! eMagicOne.com Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for Magento.

The latest version of the Store Manager has been updated with the new cutting-edge features.

Here’s what you can get a hand of:

New Features:

- It is possible to keep Magento category associations in the process of Magento import. If, for example, one category is specified for a product in the file, but in database this product is already assigned to several categories and you do not want to remove it from these categories, you can activate "Keep current categories association(s)" option. Previously you could not find this option and product imported was unassigned from current categories and assigned to category/categories indicated in the file, data were imported from;

New Magento Category options section has been added in Import Wizard

- Now Magento users can import with Store Manager for Magento files, exported with Magento DataFlow;

Magento Default Export file is available for Import in Store Manager

- Now products can be assigned to categories by category ID. Previously category paths should be indicated;

Magento Category Path Import by ID from DataFlow file formatMagento categories assign by Category id


- Bridge connection timeout setting has been added to preferences;

Bridge connection timeout setting has been added to preferences.

- There has been added the possibility to reconnect to Magento store. You do not need to close and reopen the application or switch the store now, use Reconnect Store Manager option;

Reconnect Button has been added in Ribon menu

- Now Store Manager generates associated products with SKUs, as Magento admin does. Magento users can set weight for associated products when generating them;

Magento associated products automatic generation by SKU

- "Help" button has been added to POS window of Store Manager for Magento;

Help button has been added to POS window

- URL logic generating has been simplified and automated, so that you do not need to proceed with extra settings and, correspondingly “Search Engine Optimization” section has been removed from Preferences;

URL logic generating has been simplified and automated

- Now attribute labels instead of attribute codes are displayed on the step of nodes and attributes mapping (Magento import from .xml);

Magento XML lables have been added in this Release


- Now names of bundle items are not being cut in edit form;

- Previously only one product image was exported to eBay. If the product had many pictures, all of them were not exported, what was somewhat inconvenient. It has been improved and now up to 12 product images can be exported to eBay;

- "Disable WYSIWYG editor" option works properly now;

- Now image resize rules work for Magento images that have been already sent to FTP server;

- Previously when you removed related products in bulk via Clear Product Data option, up-sells and cross-sells were automatically removed from selected products. This has been corrected in this release of Store Manager and now if you check "Delete related products" box in Clear Product Details window, only related products will be unlinked;

- Now values for level field are being imported correctly in the process of Magento category import;

- From now on request_path field will not be changed in the process of Magento category import, if corresponding attribute is not mapped;

- Magento POS did not work properly on stores that have specific settings. This issue has been fixed and POS runs efficiently now;

- On condition that negative value (<0) is set in "Minimum Quantity for Item's Status to be Out of Stock" field and product quantity was set as 0, its status turned to Out of Stock. This issue has been fixed and this option works correctly now;

- Values for children_count field are generated automatically in the process of Magento import;

- "JPEG error #53" has been fixed in this release of Store Manager for Magento;

- When one configured Magento .xml import settings and moved from attribute mapping step back to .xml nodes mapping and again to the step of attribute mapping step, .xml file was not being converted to .csv over again. This issue has been fixed and it works properly;

- Previously Magento users could not assign local Magento images to products via Multi Editor. Now it is possible to add images in such a way;

- From now on you can perform Magento import of tier and group price to specific websites;

- Now attributes with input type dropdown are imported in the process of Magento import from Doba.

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