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Store Manager for Magento v2.19.1.1095 – New Bridge Logic, Improved Custom Option Import

Great news! eMagicOne.com Team has implemented some major improvements to Store Manager for Magento.

What does new version bring its users:


- Bridge connection logic has been considerably improved in this release of Store Manager for Magento.

- Product import progress display has been refined. Data import accomplishing is represented on the progress bar according to new logic.



  • Previously Multi Editor did not operate properly if incorrect expression was used for data handling. This issue has been corrected and editor works properly now.
  • Formerly the application did not work correctly with SFTP private key. The issue has been resolved and private key can be loaded successfully.
  • Previously Magento custom option import did not run successfully. Only one custom option was added irrespective how many options the import file contained. New version of Store Manager allows you to import custom options properly.

Beta-version: Store Manager for Magento

If Magento user did not run Store Manager as an Administrator, User Access Database Engine download (in the process of xlsx files import) returned error. Now UAC will ask you to download and install the driver with administrator permissions.

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