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Store Manager for Magento version – FREE Amazon and eBay Addons

Great news for Magento users! We’ve released a new version of Store Manager with a number improvements and fixes. Here is a detailed overview of the changes in Store Manager for Magento ver.


  • Amazon Integration becomes FREE in Store Manager Professional and Enterprise editions.

  • eBay Integration has been updated to ver. and now the addon is available for FREE in Professional and Enterprise Editions of Store Manager. The new version of the addon offers the following improvements and fixes:

    • Authorize to eBay account in Store Manager
      Authorize to eBay account in Store Manager

    • An ISBN field support to export products to a “Books” category has been added.

    • Now users can update eBay listings according to the changes in a category on Store Manager side.

    • It has become possible to map product features in “Item Specifics” window during eBay export and specify custom values.

    • An eBay product page preview has been added in Store Manager to check products view before submitting them to eBay.

    • An option to select “Sandbox/Production” environment in access details in the general addon settings is now available.

    • Now Store Manager shows a reminder to assign a category for empty category cells.

    • eBay listings now can be activated in one click.

    • A welcome text in the main addon window has been changed.

    • Some visual enhancements on the “Mapping” step has been implemented.

  • A new Bridge.php file ver.7.73 has been released. The updated bridge works accurately with Magento pub directory. Users have to specify correct bridge URL and to move the previously configured bridge to the magento_root/pub folder.

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  • An issue with shifted data in the .csv file after export of attribute options has been fixed.

  • Now the orders with configurable products will be exported with a correct price in Quickbooks Integration. To make it work, users have to delete two SQL scripts in the folder PluginsWorkFiles:

  • c:\Users\USERNAME\appdata\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\PluginsWorkFiles\ExportOrderDetailsSQL_1410.sql

    c:\Users\USERNAME\appdata\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\PluginsWorkFiles\ExportOrderDetailsSQL_200.sql

  • In some cases, a database backup/restore option couldn’t be run from the Preferences window in Store Manager on direct connection. This issue has been fixed.

  • An issue when Store Manager didn’t remove data from catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value_to_entity table after the product image deletion has been resolved.

  • In some cases, after the direct connection had been set up and Store Manager Standard Edition was restarted the “Use local (embedded) database” option was spontaneously activated. This issue has been corrected.

  • While uploading one image for several products in the lower grid, image name wasn't regenerated (e.g _1). This issue has been fixed.

  • While using Related Product Generator, a line with "Step 3" didn’t show on the screens with a small resolution. This inconvenience has been eliminated.

  • An issue when a new configuration added via Related Product Generator wasn’t saved has been corrected.

  • If a product with a dropdown attribute had empty options and users were importing products with these option values, an error occurred. Now it is fixed

  • Earlier, users received an error when trying to replace values with empty ones using SQL expression during product images import. This issue has been fixed.

  • Shipping tax will now be calculated correctly in POS.

  • Earlier, when exporting orders with bundled products Store Manager didn’t create a new row for each item of a bundled product. This issue has been resolved.

  • An issue with incorrect addons shutdown after Store Manager closing has been corrected.

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