Store Manager for Magento v. – Superattribute Prices Import, Sort Unassigned Attributes, Available Product Listings

Date: July 16th, 2015

Great news for store owners who run Magento-based shops!

eMagicOne Team has implemented new features and major improvements to Store Manager for Magento Enterprise, Professional and Standard Edition.

What does new version bring its users:


  • Superattribute prices import (for 1 store view only) has been added to the application in Beta Mode. Now you will be able to massively set mark-ups for configurable super-attributes and make price product change when combinations are selected from drop-downs.

  • Release v.
    Release v.

  • Now store owners can sort unassigned Magento attributes by name

  • Release v.
    Release v.

  • All available options will now be displayed for Available Product Listing Sort By attribute

  • Release v.
    Release v.

  • Image sort order can be changed now in image preview in the lower grid

  • Release v.
    Release v.

Order Store Manager for Magento Order Now


  • Product import enhancements have been implemented. Now it works faster.

  • Release v.
    Release v.

  • If order had been made by customer and this customer was removed from database, Magento users will get the message notifying about it, can switch to Customers section (as the message offers) or cancel the operation and stay in Orders section

  • Release v.
    Release v.

  • Now store view dropdown will automatically expand if Magento user clicks on report to generate it but does not select the store view first

  • Release v.
    Release v.


  • Correct form with necessary elements is being created now when one opens Add Links (Links -> Open Store Admin)
  • Now language packages are being downloaded and installed properly in Localization (Preferences -> Localization)
  • If non-default store URL was used, nothing appeared when one pressed Open Store Admin button (Links -> Open Store Admin). Now users can see explanation message notifying about the necessity to configure proper settings.
  • Custom Layout Update attribute value now can be replaced by empty value in the process of import with the help of expression.
  • Now bundle product price is being updated properly via import
  • If several options are selected for product attribute of multiselect type, this attribute will be displayed correctly in the grid
  • Magento category tree now is shown properly in eBay Integration Addon
  • Report source files are being updated now for Store Manager for Magento PRO
  • Non-Latin characters were substituted with Latin ones and the last were written in database (for bridge connection users). The issue has been fixed and these symbols are recorded properly
  • Formerly, if price was changed via Multi Editor by means of expression and FIELD_VALUE macro, NULL value was set to price. Now prices are being updated properly
  • Incorrect SQL query was executed when product tag was added by administrator. The issue has been corrected and product tags are being added properly now
  • ‘Customize’ button has been removed from the toolbar in Reward Exchange Rate section of Store Manager for Magento Enterprise Edition
  • ‘Description’ field length was 255 characters in Store Manager for Magento. If this length was exceeded, description was truncated. Now maximum number of characters, likewise in Magento Admin, is 65535
  • Previously orders were not exported correctly, if customer info had been withdrawn after order creation. The inconvenience has been removed and orders are exported successfully.
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