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Store Manager for Magento v. – Swatch Image Support, Image Preview in Gallery; Bug Fix – Program Enhancements

Date:October 29, 2015

Great news for store owners who run Magento-based shops!

eMagicOne Team has implemented new features and major improvements to Store Manager for Magento Enterprise, Professional and Standard Edition.

The highlights of release Store Manager for Magento v. are:


  • Store View list is now automatically updated when store connection is changed with Store Manager for Magento
  • Previously product SKU was updated if it was not assigned and ID was selected as identifier. The malfunction has been eliminated and update is performed accurately

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The highlights of release Store Manager for Magento v. you can find below:

Feature Added to Magento Store Manager:

  • Configurable swatches support has been implemented. Now you can set images to configurable product variants and make them change when certain options are selected at the storefront

  • Improvements:

    • SSL Version field has been added to FTP connection settings tab, FTPS/FTPES protocols
    • “Preview” option is now available in Image Gallery tab of the lower grid. There has been also added “Regenerate Image Name” option to the context menu

    • Now Magento users will get notifying message if they try to generate associated products for configurable one without specifying what configurable attributes simple items should be based on

    • Now the first image, exported from ICEcat, becomes Base, Small and Thumbnail for exported product

    • Now Magento products can be mapped with Amazon ones by UPC, EAN, icecatcode identifiers

    • Attribute set creation display on special progress bar has been added
    • Import of products with identical SKU has been improved. Now product SKU will be incremented and “_” will be added to it. For example, product with SKU ‘test’ already exists at Magento and you upload new product with SKU ‘test’. The system will automatically add ‘_1’ to it and you will get ‘test_1’ SKU after data upload
    • If selected in POS customer has no default billing and shipping addresses, there will appear the message notifying about it


    • Formerly there occurred the issue connected to category URL key re-index. It has been fixed in this version of Store Manager;
    • Previously, URL keys were duplicated for associated simple items (when generating simple products for configurable). Now unique URL keys are being generated for associated products;
    • Re-index request made from Store Manager is now processed properly;
    • Product SKU can now be modified in the process of Magento import;
    • Previously URL key default value was changed if import to one store view was performed. The issue has been fixed and now default URL key value is not modified;
    • For bridge connection users: customer group is being updated properly now;
    • Previously image was not displayed in Load Image window (Image Preview of the lower grid) after one refreshed it. Now image refresh functions properly;
    • Now customer import runs successfully if “Cache import data” option is enabled

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