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Store Manager for Magento Bug Fix v. – Renewed Integrations, Application Improvements and Fixes

Great news Magento store owners!

New version of Store Manager for Magento, filled with enhancements has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes for v. can be accessed from the list below.


  • If the automated import task includes import of images, Store Manager closes only after FTP queue is completed.


  • Now, there is a hint added with a warning about the compatibility issue of orders imported from different versions of Magento shopping cart.

  • Store Manager release v.
    Store Manager release v.

  • From now on, Amazon Integration allows to manage user’s custom attributes and their values.

  • Now, users can import customers that have an option Associate to Website * to "Admin" chosen.

  • The new version of eBay addon has been implemented in this release of Store Manager. It allows to select the secondary category during product export to the marketplace. This version also includes fixed product export request when India is selected.

  • Store Manager release v.
    Store Manager release v.

  • The renewed version of Amazon Integration has been added in current release of the application with the ability to create products on the Amazon itself, upload certain product groups without EAN or other identifiers, set order management time and includes other minor fixes.

  • The new version of USPS Shipping Integration comes with the minor fixes.

  • Store Manager is now compatible with Magento Open Source (CE) versions 2.1.13. Magento Commerce (EE) versions 2.1.11 and 2.2.2 support has been added as well.

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  • Previously, when updating the attributes via import of attribute sets, there was an attribute code instead of frontend label imported. This inconvenience has been eliminated.

  • Earlier, when an option ''Show only parent product'' was enabled, the application displayed product duplicates in the grid. This issue is fixed.

  • Heretofore, when applying a filter, created by product name or SKU, Store Manager showed no records in the product grid. It has been amended in this release of the application.

  • In some cases, an error occurred during customers’ import. It has been fixed.

  • In individual cases, an issue occurred when using the expressions for SKU and product price. It has been corrected in this version of the program.

  • Previously, users faced an error during the categories export (Name and ID fields) from the specific store view. It has been fixed.

  • Import of products with the enabled option Clear Image Gallery has been rectified.

  • An issue, related to regenerating image name during import process has been corrected.

  • Now, the invoice of the order that includes configurable or bundle product is generated properly.

  • Formerly, an error occurred when performing Post Data to Web after adding the products in Magento store 2.1.7 and lower. This inconvenience has been fixed.

  • The display of bundle product after reindexing has been amended.

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