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Store Manager for Magento v. – Import/Export Cart Price Rules, Import/Export Order Comment History

Great news for Magento store owners!

New version of Store Manager for Magento (Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition) renewed with some fixes and enhancements has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes for v. can be accessed from the list below.


  • Comment history field has been added to order import/export wizard of Store Manager application.

  • Store Manager Release
    Store Manager Release

  • Import/export of Magento cart rules has been implemented.

  • Store Manager Release
    Store Manager Release


  • Magento 2.0.15 CE support has been added. Starting from this version Store Manager is compatible with Magento 2.0.15 CE.

  • "Make database snapshot (Allows to browse changes made by autoimport, but SLOWS the process)" option has been added to custom option autoimport configuration.


  • Custom option copy/paste functions properly now.

  • If email attachment exceeds allowed size, the error message notifying about it will appear in Store Manager.

  • If SMTP is not configured in Store Manager, a user will be asked to specify these settings when making an attempt to send emails.

  • Previously there occurred an error when updating values for dropdown type attributes via Multi Editor. The issue has been fixed and values are updated correctly.

  • The error occurring in the process of automated product import has been fixed.

  • The issue occurring during credit memo creation has been fixed.

*Known issue:

Import/export does not work for multiple coupons generated automatically.

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