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Store Manager for Magento v2.24.3.1288 – One Click Configurable, Image Gallery Preview, Reindex Optimization

Date:May, 27

Great news for store owners who run Magento-based shops!

eMagicOne Team has implemented new features and major improvements to Store Manager for Magento Enterprise, Professional and Standard Edition .

What does new version bring its users:


  • "One click configurable" option has been added to Store Manager Enterprise Edition. It is possible now to generate configurable products from custom options.

  • Store Manager version
    Store Manager version
  • Image preview has been added into Image Gallery tab of product lower grid. It is possible now to look over assigned images enabling this option

  • Store Manager version
    Store Manager version


    • Special counter has been added to Store Diagnostics Types, so you can see number of issues detected by Store Manager

    • Store Manager version
      Store Manager version

    • Now when closing the application, users will get the dialog window asking whether to post data with reindex, without reindex or close without posting data to the web (if you use bridge connection)

    • Store Manager version
      Store Manager version

    • Reindex product data by bridge option has been added in this release (if you are using bridge connection type)

    • Store Manager version
      Store Manager version

    • Splash window notifying about product reindexing (when adding product to the grid) has been added in this release
    • Category refreshing has been improved

    • Store Manager version
      Store Manager version

    • "Vote for Feature" button has been added to the Ribbon Menu. Vote for feature directly from Store Manager.

    • Store Manager version
      Store Manager version

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    • Now bundle items are displayed correctly right after they are added, without refreshing
    • Images, names of which consist of one symbol are uploaded by the same logic, it is being done via Admin
    • Previously product, added from Amazon to Magento database, was not displayed in Amazon Product List of Amazon Integration Addon. The issue has been fixed and added merchandise are shown in this window now
    • Previously refund was not calculated properly if order contained 2 or more products. The malfunction has been fixed and refunds are being calculated correctly
    • No price was displayed in product grid, if one updated it via Product Multi Editor using Expressions. The problem has been resolved and prices are renewed in a suitable manner
    • Default Product Listing Sort By attribute value is processed correctly now. Previously this attribute was ignored, though changed in Store Manager for Magento
    • Previously Store Manager for Magento returned Access Violation if .xml import file structure was incorrect. Now Magento users will get notification that file structure is incorrect
    • Magento report representation in different languages has been improved in this release of Store Manager application
    • Previously attribute values were duplicated, but not updated in the process of product import. The issue has been fixed and attributes are renewed correctly
    • Mass product deleting progress now are displayed on corresponding progress bar
    • If image path is provided in the file and physically this image exists on FTP, this image will be uploaded and displayed in Store Manager

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