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Store Manager for Magento Latest News

  • Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition Version:
    Tuesday, September 4th, 2018
    – The search form in the “Display additional attributes” window has been added in product and attribute grids.
    – The possibility to filter attributes that are being exported/imported has been added in current release of the application.
    – Customer email is now included in Magento invoice.

    – “Sort by grid position” works properly starting from this release of the software.
    – Previously, when importing images with enabled “Accelerate import by increasing memory usage” option, they were not defined as base, small and thumbnail. Now, it is corrected and images are uploaded properly.
    – Earlier, copy/paste of products associated to multisite with similar website names caused an error. This inconvenience has been eliminated.
    – An issue, related to regeneration of url keys when moving product into different category has been fixed.
    – In some cases, products were not assigned to categories after import. This issue has been amended.
    – Images did not load on server with “Regenerate image name” option when working with Store Manager Connector module This inconvenience is rectified in current 1.0.5 version.
    – Previously, in some cases, an error occurred, when importing attribute sets. It has been fixed in this version of the software.
  • Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition Version:
    Wednesday, August 8th, 2018
    – An issue, related to the slow work of Store Manager has been fixed in current release of Store Manager.
    – Previously, users encountered an issue with the update checkbox in the expression preview, when using long formula in Multi Editors. Now, it is corrected.
    – Earlier, when generating associated products for a configurable item in Magento 1 stores, the images were linked to generated products, but were not assigned as small, base, and thumbnail. This inconvenience has been eliminated.
    – In some cases, after product import, there were duplicated categories created instead of assigning items into the existing ones. Now, this issue is fixed.
    – An issue, related to product import with incorrectly specified attributes with enabled “Accelerate import by increasing memory usage” option has been fixed in this release of Store Manager.
    – Previously, in some cases, an eBay addon calculated incorrect values for Auto Decline Price. This inconvenience has been amended.

    Known issue:
    Currently, “Sort by grid position” option assigns positions to products in random order.
  • Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition Version:
    Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
    – Now product search in POS section can be performed faster.
    – When using direct type of connection, products can be added by five different users simultaneously in this release of Store Manager.
    – Open Source (CE) ver. 2.2.5/2.1.14 support has been added.

    – Store diagnostics performance during duplicate URL keys search has been fixed.
    – Previously, category positions were changed during category import. The issue has been fixed in this release of Store Manager for Magento.
    – Now images can be properly assigned during product synchronization with ICEcat.
    – Previously, items were incorrectly assigned to categories after the product import. The problem has been fixed.
    – The access violation error occurring during eBay export/synchronization has been fixed.

    Known issue:
    – Images (Small, Base, Thumbnail) are assigned incorrectly when generating combinations for configurable product in Magento 1.x. The issue is scheduled to be fixed in the next release.
  • Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition Version:
    Monday, June 25th, 2018
    – If the automated import task includes import of images, Store Manager closes only after FTP queue is completed.

    – Now, there is a hint added with a warning about the compatibility issue of orders imported from different versions of Magento shopping cart.
    – From now on, Amazon Integration allows to manage user?s custom attributes and their values.
    – Now, users can import customers that have an option Associate to Website * to “Admin” chosen.
    – The new version of eBay addon has been implemented in this release of Store Manager. It allows to select the secondary category during product export to the marketplace. This version also includes fixed product export request when India is selected.
    – The renewed version of Amazon has been added in current release of the application with the ability to create products on the Amazon itself, upload certain product groups without EAN or other identifiers, set order management time and includes other minor fixes.
    – The renewed version of USPS Shipping Integration comes with the minor fixes.
    – Store Manager is now compatible with Magento Open Source (CE) versions 2.1.13. Magento Commerce (EE) versions 2.1.11 and 2.2.2 support has been added as well.

    – Previously, when updating the attributes via import of attribute sets, there was an attribute code instead of frontend label imported. This inconvenience has been eliminated.
    – Earlier, when an option ”Show only parent product” was enabled, the application displayed product duplicates in the grid. This issue is fixed.
    – Heretofore, when applying a filter, created by product name or SKU, Store Manager showed no records in the product grid. It has been amended in this release of the application.
    – In some cases, an error occurred during customers? import. It has been fixed.
    – In individual cases, an issue occurred when using the expressions for SKU and product price. It has been corrected in this version of the program.
    – Previously, users faced an error during the categories export (Name and ID fields) from the specific store view. It has been fixed.
    – Import of products with the enabled option Clear Image Gallery has been rectified.
    – An issue, related to regenerating image name during import process has been corrected.
    – Now, the invoice of the order that includes configurable or bundle product is generated properly.
    – Formerly, an error occurred when performing Post Data to Web after adding the products in Magento store 2.1.7 and lower. This inconvenience has been fixed.
    – The display of bundle product after reindexing has been amended.
  • Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition Version:
    Monday, May 14th, 2018
    – Current version of Store Manager comes with the content staging support for Enterprise Edition version 2.1. and higher (currently it contains display and accurate work with main products).
    – Magento Open Source (Community Edition) versions 2.1.12 and 2.2.3 support has been added and now, software is compatible with these versions of shopping cart.

    – The application?s behavior concerning Enterprise Edition versions that have scheduled products staging is now corrected.

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