How to Run Magento Mobile Assistant Efficiently

Magento store running is a matter of great concern and draws responsibility for its results known as profits. I am pretty sure that every Magento store owner stands in need of more operative means of business management. As experienced Magento store owner, I can ensure that such a means exists and is called Magento Mobile Assistant.

Mobile Assistant Magento
Mobile Assistant Magento
"Multifunctional mobile tool, allowing me to check Magento on Android is reasonably worked out and allows me to control my store activity wherever I am. This is really a perfect solution for keeping a finger on the store events pulse."

For example, whenever I go to some business trip, I don’t worry about Magento store going on in my absence. Any time I can take mobile out of the pocket, open Magento store on mobile and check information in a live.

I should mention here about the fact, that Magento Android tool is facile in installation and operation. I just downloaded the application at Google Play absolutely free and ran installation package on my phone. After this I had to setup bridge connection between my Magento store and the application. Without having configured connection, it’s not possible to retrieve data from Magento store.

"Having completed these 5 minutes procedures including reading of documentation I can check my Magento store data with Magento version for mobile at ease. Just in several clicks I can browse my products, customers and orders. Functioning of filtering system assists me in data search in large measure."

To perform customer filter with Magento mobile application, I need to come through some manipulations 🙂 . The field on my mobile’s screen puts forward date option, so that I can filter my customers by date or any time period. Calendar option below gives an opportunity to choose the date manually. Customer page of Magento Mobile Assistant allows me also to find a customer by name or e-mail or filter only those customer who made a purchase at my Magento store. After having specified all the fields, I press “Show Customer” button and search results are coming in a smooth way.

Mobile Assistant Magento
Mobile Assistant Magento

“Products Filter” section of Magento mobile tool helps me to accomplish product search quickly and successfully. Filtration can be fulfilled by product ID, SKU or product name. In case I need to include ordered products too, I tick “Show ordered products” box. From drop-down menu or calendar below I choose for what period of time Mobile Assistant should accomplish filtration.

With Magento store on mobile I can check product stock any time and avoid inventory lacks. I can trace when certain kind of items are running out and take every measure to avoid product shortage. I inform my suppliers and they provide my Magento store with all the necessary goods.

I have a possibility to filter my Magento orders as well. The only thing demanded from me is order date and status indicating. The program offers all statuses from my store. So, I can say it’s even easier as it seems at first sight.

One more thing to be mentioned about application is that, it builds informative in-depth diagrams and charts, where all my Magento store activity is represented. But I should point out the fact that Mobile Assistant does not empower any store owner to update Magento store content.

Keeping in mind all features I can assure you that, Magento Mobile Assistant puts me one step before my competitors. Impossible things are becoming possible with it.

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