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Magento Mobile Assistant Bridge Connection

Want to keep track of all your Magento store activities at your fingertips? It is possible with Magento Mobile Assistant - the application using which you will connect with Magento shop via mobile phone or tablet device (Android OS).

How to Connect

Connect via Bridge.php

To configure Bridge connection between Magento Mobile Assistant and online store and get the freshest details displayed (products, orders, customers, detailed sales reports, etc), you need Magento Mobile Assistant Bridge file.

Download bridgeClick to download the latest version of Bridge file

Mobile Connector as an Alternative

Alternatively, you can use native Magento Mobile Connector module to establish connection between Mobile Assistant and online store. In order to get advantage of the latest features of the module, make sure that you are using the most recent version. You can download the latest version of Mobile Assistant Connector module at: Magento Mobile Assistant ConnectionMagento Mobile Assistant Connector

*Use the extended instructions to set bridge connection and get access to Magento store via mobile device Bridge Connection Configuration Instruction
*Full Magento Mobile Connector documentation is available at http://mobile-store-assistant-help.emagicone.com/magento-mobile-assistant-connector-installation

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Download Mobile Assistant from Google Play!