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Smart Magento Mobile Assistant

Each and every Magento store owner dreams about store managing with no limits. The question is how to keep vigilance and control every step, so that all competitors will be left behind and your store will bring profits more and more. I’m starting my own business as well and I came across same issues as others, let me share them with you.

Mobile Assistant Magento
Mobile Assistant Magento

Recently, I faced difficulties in my Magento e-store running, as sometimes I had to be away on business and nobody could carry out my commitments. Thus, I discovered a perfect tool for me like store owner, called Magento Mobile Assistant. This is an advantageous and at the same time very simple tool, each and every online entrepreneur needs to keep store activities under control.

Mobile Assistant moves in Magento store wake anytime, wherever I am. I have a great chance to check my store inventory with the help of this tool, no need to be burdened with a laptop bag.

So, why do I prefer to use the Magento on mobile? Having an access to my store, I can check my items stock availability on the fly. Whenever I nose out that some of my products are on the brink of selling out, I inform my suppliers and they deliver necessary items. Thus, having such utility installed on my phone I solve goods shortage problem in several moments, what is really very convenient.

In case I find out that some of my Magento products are not being sold with great success, I stop supplying, as later I will not find a market for stock goods. It’s extremely easy and I know that I’ll never come to failure having it.

Mobile Assistant is approachable in installation and usage, so I needed Android v.3.0 or newer on my phone and Magento shopping cart only. Moreover, I’ve got it for free, so that the mobile version of Magento extension is absolutely costless.

Online documentation can be found at http://mobile-store-assistant-help.emagicone.com/

Magento Mobile Assistant tool brings me as well as each and every store owner up to date for minimum efforts. It does not require deep technical skills and gives a possibility to create multiple store connection what lend a helping hand in checking all Magento stores easily.

Mobile Assistant Magento
Mobile Assistant Magento

The application is characterized by peculiar functioning system. I discovered that this application possesses well-developed filtering ability what brings down my time spent on products, customers and orders search considerably. Magento products, for example, can be filtered by product ID, SKU, product name and date (if “Show ordered products” option is specified).

Mobile Assistant Magento
Mobile Assistant Magento

This Android solution is armed with effective and informative statistic function, by means of which I have all the data condensed and presented in the form of charts and diagrams. Thus, it’s very convenient to appraise the situation and Magento store activity at first sight.

To all pointed out above, I need to add, that Magento Mobile Assistant doesn’t allow store owners to update products or bring any changes to Magento store, and I would request the developers to add it in future as it is a must-have for everyone!

Every store owner has a chance to keep walking in step with Magento store by means of Magento Mobile Assistant tool. More and more keys for thriving store management are accessible with it. You should give a try to user-friendly and highly-effective Magento Mobile Assistant as I’ve done!

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