Magento Service Packages

eMagicOne has prepared the complete list of services provided by our techs that can be purchased in one place along with our products (for your convenience). Here you can find either standalone services, packages for any specific operation and complete business packs with a butch of options and services.

as you go Single Task Cost $0
Developer Pack $ 4088 $3099 Business Owner Pack $7694 $5799 Enterprise Business Pack $15798 $11849
Store Manager License (s) *$499
Connection configuration *$59
Database backup before executing each step *$59
Clear default shopping cart data *$99
Manual attributes creation *$99
Import Pack *$2600
Import configuration service *$249
Category tree mapping rules *$249
Images upload service *$499
Append or prepend store name to any text field *$149
Replace / remove any text from description *$249
Strip HTML configuration service *$249
Import product from supplier with lowest price *$249
Increase / decrease product price basing on rules *$249
Set special price basing on rules or filters *$249
Any expressions (any other modifications to data while import) *$599
Export Pack *$628
Export configuration service *$249
Automated export scheduled task *$268
Export to PDF *$268
Products Generation *$699
Generate configurable products basing on simple products (by criteria) *$249
Generate simple products from configurable by attributes *$249
Generate configurable products from simple products with custom options *$349
Bulk Changes *$1399
Append or prepend store name to any text field *$149
Increase / decrease product price basing on rules *$249
Set special price basing on rules or filters *$249
Replace / remove any text from description *$249
Strip HTML configuration service *$249
Mass changes basing on any rules *$599
SEO Analytics Package *$2799
Problems with product images report *$249
Delete unassigned images *$249
Basic SEO check *$499
Find and remove duplicated images within one product *$249
Find and Remove html tags in meta data (most common SEO problem) *$249
Find and replace/remove all external URLs in any attribute *$549
Clear categories without any products, good for 500 000 items stores *$999
Fix Magento Structure (Duplicated Product URLs) *$549
Report Development of any Complexity (Service covers the development of one report) *$1599
Import from file from External CRM, ERP *$1599
eBay integration - sell on eBay *$268
Amazon integration - sell on Amazon*$268
USPS shipping integration$278
QuickBooks integration (import / export) *$278
ICEcat product catalogue integration *$268
Scheduled personal training 149/hour *$149
Scheduled remote technical assistance ($99 per hour) *$99
Scheduled technical remote desktop assistance (monthly subscription)*$499
Store Manager Customisations *Contact us for estimates
Store Manager Customizations $99 per hour *Cotnact us for estimates
as you go Single Task Cost $0
Developer Pack $4088 $3099 Business Owner Pack $7694 $5799 Enterprise Business Pack $15798 $11849

What are those Magento services and packs?

Pay as you go - Magento Services

Here you can see the list of options that you can order separately. Enable the option(s) you need and you'll see the price of your own, very specific pack that will solve your questions. Just use 'Buy now' button at the top or at the bottom next to pay. As you go and complete your order, you'll get your package of custom services done within 24 hours (if all details are provided accurately).

Magento Import, Export, Products Generation, Bulk Changes and SEO Analytics Packages

In the list of services you can see Packs called Import pack, Export pack, Products Generation pack, Bulk Changes pack and SEO Analytics Package. Those are packages with the list of all services provided in this section at a discounted price. So if you let's say need all import options, you can order Import pack for 2600 and save $390 for ordering all options in bulk (as you would pay 2990 if you order all import options separately). To order Import pack enable checkbox next to import pack and you'll see totals automatically calculated and appropriate package will be added to the cart once you proceed to checkout.

Developer, Business Owner and Magento Enterprise Service Packs

Also we have prepared the most commonly used packages with options that our customers are asking about a lot. You can see the list of options included in each pack (marked with "+") and choose which one is the best for you. You can order Developer Pack, Business Owner Pack and Enterprise Business Pack with prices reduced by 25%, comparing to single option prices (if you order all options separately), so in case you need a complex solutions, those packages are the best for you.

All-in-Packages Reviews

5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
Import service

What you do is not just about service. It's about how you love ecommerce. I feel like I'm the most important client in the world. All possible aspects are discussed and hard parts are explained. You've done free test import to check if that's what I was looking for. and once confirmed all changes were implemented. Great job! Now I'm up and running. I definitely recommend eMagicOne.

Magento Packages FAQ

What does the cost of the services cover?

We perform custom development per your specific needs, make testings with your backup to make sure all is working correctly and make changes on your site with 10 products, so you could confirm and apply changes to all products per your demand. This you do not need to do anything on your own, we'll get it all covered. Also we can guide you how to apply the rules or configs on your side if you have Store Manager application (appropriate edition) installed. So the cost covers the development, testing and implementation. We value your time and would like to make those changes the most comfortable for you.

What is Store Manager and do I need it to use your services?

Store Manger is a tool that we use to perform our services. In case you have it, you will be able to perform those operations with presaved settings without any additional fees later. In case you do not have it and you do not want to order it now, the service can be provided from our side and all settings will be saved and sent to you with instructions anyway.

Are those one-time services?

Please note, that those are one-time services so we need a complete scope of work before we begin. Also the service guarantees customer's full satisfaction, so we will assist you to make sure the service meet your specific requirements and we proceed our work until you confirm that all is done correctly.

Can I use the Developers pack, but remove some options form it and add other options?

You need a special pack in this case. Please contact us using the form below and describe options you need and we'll prepare the package per your specific needs.

I have ordered the pack but I want to use only a few options now. Can I use others later?

It is better to select specific options that you need as unused services cannot be not transferred or postponed. Please contact us and we'll prepare a specific pack for you with those services that you need now, and you will be able to order more options later.

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We wanted to create a unique ID for each products size and colour, which something Magento doesn't do it, and we contacted with eMagicOne team who has charged us less money, and resolve it for us within 24 hours.

GetitStickit Limited, we sell Vinyl stickers, Labels, and we recently bought a softwares and service from for our business, I must say they are very good and good customer support and good technical team you can get for your business. Getitstickit Business has been improved allot because of the IT service they have offered.

Thank you eMagicOne Team
Krish Joy
GetitStickit Limited