Scheduled technical assistance (monthly subscription)

Scheduled Technical Assistance

Monthly technical assistance subscription that covers 1 hour of technical service a day (business days only)!

Scheduled Technical Assistance $2079 $499

This service is the best for project that is on the development stage or if it's just starting up to get instant dedicated assistance on schedule.

One month with 21 (19 - 22, depending on the number of business days in a month) hours of tech assistance is included in this package. The service offers 1 hour of scheduled technical assistance a day within one month (hours are scheduled in advance) Technical assistance can be provided via chat or remote desktop. 1 hour a day tech engineer sets up all required settings, including creation of expressions, import/export settings, connection configuration, SQL queries, etc.

Scheduled Technical Assistance (Monthly Subscription) offers:

Or you have the right to:
  • Contact us within scheduled hours to get any tech assistance
  • Get any kind of technical assistance up to 1 hour a day, including time that it will take for tech engineer to setup everything or create specific sql queries or expressions on our side
  • Cancel the subscription at any time, so no further charges will be made
  • Use the service provided by tech engineer within paid days
  • This service coveres only the tasks related to Store Manager software
  • Unused hours are not transferred to the next month
  • Service is scheduled to specific hours and tech engineer will be available to perform any tasks related to Store Manager and its configuration
  • Provided service is non refundable as tech engineer’s time is scheduled and he will not perform any other tech work related to other users/services within scheduled time
  • Once the service is paid, you get schedule of tech engineer with the hours that can be used to contact him.
  • Service is not provided via IM (Skype, or any other instant message solutions).
  • Check more about our Service Level Agreement.

Once all settings are configured and service is provided, all settings made within this service package will be sent to customer. They can be used by customer to perform same operations on his own (basing on written instructions) without any additional fees.

The list of Magento services that can be covered within scheduled tech assistance session price:

Taking into account that it may take more than 1 hour/business day to perform service, depending on product amount and changes complexity. Guaranteed time is 1 hours/business day.
  • Connection configuration
  • Database backup before executing each step
  • Clear default shopping cart data
  • Manual attributes creation
Import-related services:
  • Import configuration service
  • Category tree mapping rules
  • Images upload service
  • Append or prepend store name to any text field
  • Replace / remove any text from description
  • Strip HTML configuration service
  • Import product from supplier with lowest price
  • Increase / decrease product price basing on rules
  • Set special price basing on rules or filters
  • Any expressions (any other modifications to data while import)
  • Any import configs (Etsy, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc)
Export-related services:
  • Export configuration service
  • Automated export scheduled task
  • Export to PDF
  • Predefined Export configurations of any format
Product generation and data update:
  • Generate configurable products basing on simple products (by criteria)
  • Generate simple products from configurable by attributes
  • Generate configurable products from simple products with custom options
  • Append or prepend store name to any text field
  • Increase / decrease product price basing on rules
  • Set special price basing on rules or filters
  • Replace / remove any text from description
  • Strip HTML from any text field
  • Mass changes basing on any rules
SEO Analytics service - meta data check, RFM, LTV, One-time-buyers report generation:
  • Problems with product images report
  • Delete unassigned images
  • Find and remove duplicated images within one product
  • Find and Remove html tags in meta data (most common SEO problem)
  • Find and replace/remove all external URLs in any attribute
  • Clear categories without any products, good for 500 000 items stores
  • Fix Magento Structure (Duplicated Product URLs)
Business Intelligance:
  • Report Development of any Complexity (Service covers the development of report scheduled to 1 hours a day)
  • Import from file from External CRM, ERP
Addons setup ( Scheduled synchronization coming soon ):
  • eBay integration - sell on eBay
  • Amazon integration - sell on Amazon
  • USPS shipping integration
  • QuickBooks integration (import / export)
  • Peachtree integration
  • ICEcat product catalogue integration
  • Doba dropshipper configuration
Other technical assistance:
  • Scheduled personal technical assistance (made by tech engineer from our site, without access to customer's desktop)
  • Scheduled personal training via remote desktop
  • Scheduled remote technical assistance (provided on customer's desktop)

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