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How to Customize Magento 2 PDF Catalog

The possibility to freely customize Magento 2 PDF catalog is truly advantageous. Probably, it might take too much time to look for a perfectly suitable template or make one from scratch.

PDF Catalog Creator addon for Store Manager for Magento enables generation of custom Magento 2 PDF templates including title page, index page and products page. It is also possible to modify the existing ready-made templates that are included in the PDF lookbook addon package for no additional fees.

Please, note that PDF Catalog Creator addon can be used only when installed on Store Manager application and cannot be launched separately.

How to Create Magento 2 Lookbook?

  1. Go to 'Addons' tab and launch PDF Catalog Creator.

  2. Configure New Catalog wizard by specifying such catalog details as name, currency, e-mail, store URL, description etc.

  3. Tap 'Add products to catalog' and check the categories you want to be displayed in your lookbook. After that press 'OK'.

  4. After pressing 'Prepare catalog layout' button you will be taken to the lookbook template editor containing a bunch of editing tools.

  5. You can either generate a new template yourself by pressing 'Create new layout' button or change an existing layout after selecting one from the 'Layout' drop-down menu.

    How Can I Customize the Existing Layout?

    Here is how you can modify the existing template:

    • Change the background picture
    • Change contact information color
    • Upload store logo (as a picture)
    • Change catalog caption (text)
    • Select catalog caption (color)

    You can take advantage of 'Advanced Layout Editor' and modify the template in a substantial way. The tool allows you to move the page parts, change font types, add some text to any place on the page, upload pictures etc.

  6. To set up the layout of title page, index page and product page, switch between the corresponding tabs.

  7. It is possible to clone the created or modified layouts and, for instance, change some data for other products group.

PDF Catalog creator enables generation or edition of a few lookbooks within one window. You can easily switch between the configurations in one click and modify either the catalog details or layout settings or products included.

How to Preview the PDF Catalog?

In order to check how the created lookbook would look like in PDF format, tap 'Preview catalog'. The previewer contains a bunch of editing tools, the possibility to print the catalog or save it to computer as a PDF file.

It is recommended to make a copy of the created Magento PDF catalog, since after updating Store Manager to a new version, the preset layout configurations may be lost.

Check the List of Built-in Templates

The addon offers a wide range of ready-made Magento PDF templates customized for a variety of merchandise types including digital technology, fashion, cosmetics, lingerie etc. Also, there are a couple of omni-purpose layouts based on particular style or color. You can check the list of built-in templates here mag-manager.com/magento-pdf-catalog-creator at the bottom of the page.

Magento 2 PDF catalog creator addon offers the advanced possibilities of printable catalog generation and management. Using the provided tools and the built-in package of ready-made templates you can flexibly prepare an impressive lookbook in a couple of clicks.

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