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Magento 2 QuickBooks Integration Tutorial

Selling online, you might consider managing your accounting and sales revenue with QuickBooks accounting software. If so, the question arises on how to keep these two systems accurate and synchronized. You can solve the task by establishing QuickBooks Integration with Magento.

In this article we'll review the QuickBooks Integration Addon of Store Manager for Magento. The addon will spare you from manual data entry allowing you to:

  • Export Magento products, customers, and orders to QuickBooks
  • Import products from QuickBooks to your Magento store
If you don't have Store Manager installed yet, download free trial and install the application following the Quick Start Guide.

The addon is available in demo mode and allows you to export 5 items for free. Open Store Manager, switch to the Addons tab, and select QuickBooks Integration:

Magento Store Manager QuickBooks Integration
Launch the QuickBooks Integration addon

Magento QuickBooks Integration addon will help you to export data through a step-by-step wizard.

Magento QuickBooks Integration Select Action
Launch necessary wizard

Though it requires some initial setup, it definitely cuts time on data entry and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

Let's review each operation in detail below.

Export Magento 2 Products to QuickBooks

It is possible to select the items you need to export before launching the addon. Or you can use filters and choose necessary products on the Preview Data Export step. Next, you have to connect to your QuickBooks accounting software.

magento product export to quickbooks
Magento qb integration

How Magento configurable products are exported

QuickBooks Integration addon will export configurable products differently depending on your QuickBooks software:

Export to QuickBooks Decktop - parent configurable product with its SKU and quantity will be exported, variations won't be exported.

Export to QuickBooks Online - the addon will export parent configurable product with its SKU and quantity and variations with their SKUs and quantities:

When you select a configurable product at the Preview step in the addon you will see the parent and associated products:

This is how products were transferred to QuickBooks Online:

Magento Configurable products In QuickBooks Online
Magento configurable product with variations exported to QuickBooks Online

The addon allows you to create new items, modify existing ones, or carry out both operations when exporting products to QuickBooks. Note, you should also specify product export options - indicate whether they will be exported as inventory part, non-inventory part, service, or other charge. Make sure you are using a dot(.) as decimal separator, otherwise you will derive an error and the process won’t be a success.

export magento products to quickbooks
Magento qb integration

Export Customers from Magento 2 to QuickBooks

Customer export is performed via the Export Customers wizard. It’s possible to only add a new buyer, renew customer data, or perform both operations. Select how you want to identify your customers.

magento export of customers to quickbooks
Magento qb integration

Export Magento 2 Orders to QuickBooks

Using Store Manager for Magento QuickBooks Integration addon you will be able to export all relevant order data directly to QuickBooks. Note: orders can be created, not updated. To export an order, you must associate it with a customer.

If the customer ddoesn't exist, you can create it on the go by ticking the “Create customer if does not exist” box on the Export Options step. Firstly, a customer will be added and afterwards - target order will be appended to QuickBooks. Note, orders won’t be created if there is no customer and this option is disabled. It’s also possible to create all the orders for one shopper.

export magento orders to quickbooks
Magento qb integration

Import Products from QuickBooks to Magento

With the QuickBooks Integration addon, you can also import products from QuickBooks to Store Manager. It’s necessary to specify the import method (create and modify, only create or only modify), product type and field(s) you need to update. If you plan to add new wares to Magento, provide the Default category name, and they will be imported there. If the specified category is not present in Store Manager, it will be created automatically in the process of data import.

import magento products from quickbooks
Magento qb integration

Try QuickBooks Integration addon in Store Manager for Magento and sync your sales, inventory, and customers with QuickBooks.

Integrate your Magento store with QuickBooks now Try DEMO

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