Magento Report Development

Magento Report
  • Bestsellers, low stock products and other sales reports
  • Sales by Hour or Day of Week for your AdWords campaign to be scheduled correctly
  • Analyse order frequency for your e-mail campaign
  • Get Magento report of any complexity that meets your specific requirements
  • Prepare your marketing campaigns in time
  • For multilingual stores get Sales by Country report
  • Get the ability to send report via e-mail to inform your supplier about low-stock products
  • Free support via phone, chat or e-mail (reply within 24 business hours)
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Store Managed with Store Manager for Magento

Store Manager helps me performing tasks more efficiently. The mass product editor is very useful to update info for products for a same group.

It's also very easy to filter products and export listings to Excel. We use that regularly as well.

And in general editing products, stock numbers, prices, .... goes a lot quicker because you don't have to load a new page every time you go to a new tab, like in your Store Admin Panel.

Wim Bommerez - Health XL

Magento Report FAQ

Can I check available reports?

Yes, you can check reports available in Store Manager by installing free trial version of Store Manager. Once installed, just go to Store -> Reports -> General reports and check the list of reports available at the moment.

What type of report can I request?

You can request any general report that can be useful for everyone (without any attribute filtering or other specific requirements). Such report can be developed at low cost or even free of charge and will be included in Store Manager application in future versions.
Otherwise you will need custom report that can be made on the basis of your very specific needs. No limits, except of the cases when the information is not recorded in database.

What format can I get report in?

Any format - XLS (Excel), CSV, PDF, GIF and any other available format.

Is it possible to send an e-mail with report results to me or my boss right from Store Manager?

This feature is not available yet, but we're working on it. Currently you can save report into file and attach it in the e-mail.

What requirements do you have?

Request a quote e-mail should contain all data about report and details on calculations if any need to be done. Full information on your future report will help our techs to quicker understand how you see it, without long-time guesses on what you supposedly had in mind 🙂

Can I request changes of existing report?

Yes, we can update previously ordered report, but we need you to send us a template. Just contact us and our techs will guide you through the process.

How much time it will take to create a report?

It may take from 24 business hours to 1 business week, depending on report complexity. In any case we will provide all estimates once you contact us.

What Tool should I use to run the report?

You will need Store Manager for Magento. Using it you can get - new experience in mass product changes performing and inventory updates. Free 14-day trial version is available.

Can I create report on my own?

Yes, you can create report on your own, but you should know MySQL and be quite technical person. Due to specific structure of Magento database, report development is not that trivial task as it may look at first sight. In any case there's report tool installed along with Store Manager, so you can try to create your own report - Check free trial yourself. Just go to Store -> Reports -> Custom report and click 'Add new'. You will be guided through the process.

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Where can I find terms of pre-paid service?

Pre-paid service terms can be found here -

Do you provide refunds?

Yes, we provide 30-day money-back guarantee on our software (Store Manager). As for the service, you can stop and return the funds in the middle of the way, till the time when the service is provided completely. Pre-paid service is non-refundable once you confirm that all is done correctly. IF you are not satisfied with results, or in case of chargeback, we have the right to stop providing any services in the future. Also note that we do offer free trial version of Store Manager and you can have a consultation on all report details free of charge before making any payments.


  • Advanced Report *

    Custom report of simple data reflecting **

  • $149
  • Premium Report Development *

    Report with filtering and sorting **

  • $249
  • Ultimate Report Development *

    Report with sorting and basic calculations **

  • $349
  • Complex Report Development *

    Report development of any complexity **

  • $499

* Prices are approximate and may vary basing on you specific report requirements.

** This service covers one-time development of new or modification of existing report of specific level of complexity provided by eMagicOne technical engineer. The level of complexity should be checked with Tech engineers before purchase.