Amazon Integration for Magento

Magento Report Development

  • Bestsellers, low stock products and other sales reports
  • Sales by Hour or Day of Week for your AdWords campaign to be scheduled correctly
  • Analyse order frequency for your e-mail campaign
  • Get Magento report of any complexity that meets your specific requirements
  • Prepare your marketing campaigns in time
  • For multilingual stores get Sales by Country report
  • Get the ability to send report via e-mail to inform your supplier about low-stock products
  • Free support via phone, chat or e-mail (reply within 24 business hours)

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We wanted to create a unique ID for each products size and colour, which something Magento doesn't do it, and we contacted with eMagicOne team who has charged us less money, and resolve it for us within 24 hours.

GetitStickit Limited, we sell Vinyl stickers, Labels, and we recently bought a softwares and service from for our business, I must say they are very good and good customer support and good technical team you can get for your business. Getitstickit Business has been improved allot because of the IT service they have offered.

Thank you eMagicOne Team
—Krish Joy
GetitStickit Limited

Magento Report FAQ

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Custom report of simple data reflecting **

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Report with filtering and sorting **

Price Excluding VAT

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Report with sorting and basic calculations **

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Report development of any complexity **

Price Excluding VAT

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* Prices are approximate and may vary basing on you specific report requirements.

** This service covers one-time development of new or modification of existing report of specific level of complexity provided by eMagicOne technical engineer. The level of complexity should be checked with Tech engineers before purchase.

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