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Store Manager for Magento Live Demo Preview Attributes

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Store Manager for Magento Attributes and Groups Live Demo Preview

Here you can see how Store Manager for Magento can help you work with your attributes, group them and assign to attribute sets. Click on any button/section/option and check video overvew of how Store Manager can help you.

Attributes section has 3 panes to work with attribute sets, group them for your convenience in the center pane and see a list of unused attributes in the right pane.

What is attribute set? It is a set of product description, price, size, specific for each group of products. Like you will need a separate set for shoes as it should have shouse sizes and another one for hoodies, it should have differnet sizes, you can map them to separate attribute sets using this section.

Here are some YouTube videos related to Magento Attributes and Attribute Sets:

Work with attributes

Optimise your work with Attributes

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