Magento Store Manager for Mac Alpha Version Free Download

Magento Store Manager Alpha Version Free Download (Windows and Mac)

Alpha version offers basic functionality of Store Manager application and is released to get feedback from our customers based on their previous experience with Store Manager for Windows. Please download the app, try to connect to your live store or play around with a dummy database to help us make final version even better.

Requirements for Store Manager for Magento Alpha Version

Technical Requirements for Store Manager for Magento Alpha Version*

  • Magento Open Source (Community Edition): 2.3.x** and 2.2.x**
  • macOS Mojave (x64)
  • Windows 10 (x64) or newer
  • Internet connection
* - Compatibility is relevant for the latest version of Store Manager
** - We strongly recommend to backup database before making changes with Store Manager
macOS Big Sur is NOT supported yet

Magento Store Manager Windows and Mac Release Notes

Store Manager for Magento v.2019.12.0.117 Alpha - Tier Price and Custom Optins are Now Supported





Store Manager for Magento v.2019.11.101 (107) - Free Alpha Registration


We're glad to announce that we have released Alpha version of Magento Store Manager for macOS, which many of you have been requesting. Starting from now, macOS users will have access to the best inventory management tool right from their Mac computers, without any extra virtual machines or tricks. Windows users will be able to check new interface.

New, redesigned Store Manager for Magento Mac / Windows version features:


  • Manage attribute sets;
  • Create, edit, remove, assign/unassign attributes (all types are supported);
  • Add/remove options.


  • View, edit categories;
  • Manage category store views;
  • Category image - add images to categories (from local drive and FTP).


  • Product list - improved product view with advanced filters, search, sorting and grouping options;
  • Add any attribute to the view;
  • Edit Simple products - General information, SEO, description (+HTML editor), advanced pricing, design, gift, custom attribute groups, multiple storeviews).

Product Details:


  • Add, edit, remove reviews;
  • Average rating calculation (stars);
  • Assign to store views;
  • Status change to Approved/Pending/Not Approved.
  • Add, preview, remove few images at a time, remove/upload from/to FTP;
  • Set image role: Base, Small, Thumbnail, Custom attribute;
  • Change image position.
Related / Up-sells / Cross-sells products:
  • Assign, unassign related products one by one or massively.
Advanced Inventory:
  • Support MSI version starting from Magento 2.3;
  • Quantity, stock status change.


  • General/contact/address;
  • Assign/un-assign source for one product at a time or massively;
  • Edit all source attributes: stock status/quantity/notify qty;
  • Salable qty attribute in products grid.

Tools section:

  • Backup/Restore, preview, quick search;
  • Custom SQL - ability to execute SQL statements in Store Manager;
  • Task Manager - option to control all tasks executed by Store Manager in console (operate tasks or export data for active database connection);
  • FTP Manager - work with files via FTP (preview, create and edit folders, upload and download images);
  • Pending Data - preview pending changes performed locally. Available for Bridge connection type;
  • Notification Center - see all Store Manager notifications on performed tasks;
  • Multi Language support.

In order to start working with Store Manager for Magento you need to connect to your store. You can use Bridge, Native Connector, Direct connection (both 3306 and SSH). You can use Connection Wizard to create and edit new connections without any limitations (no limitations on the number of stores to be connected) or import connection settings from your Store Manager for Magento for Windows.

Store Manager (Windows and Mac): RoadMap

Have a look at the roadmap with release approach and goals:

Issue NameShort DescriptionVersionYear of Release
Add, remove or edit productAdd and modify Magento products of all types.Alpha version*December 2019
Mass edit productsMass update name, quantity, descriptions, meta data, adjust prices, and more.Alpha version*Not scheduled yet
Import/Export productsExport products to .csv file. Flexible import products wizard to update products from .csv file.Commercial version*Not scheduled yet
Customers managementAdd, edit, update customers, addresses, and customer related data.Commercial version*Not scheduled yet
Orders managementEdit orders, create new orders, bulk process existing orders, import and export orders.Commercial version*Not scheduled yet

* - Estimates may be changed over time taking into account the adding of new features and updates of Magento itself.

What You Get Becoming a Beta Tester

Access to the latest versions

Access to the latest versions

Signing up as a beta tester gives you access to the latest versions available with new features and enhanced functionality for free.

Reward bonuses

Reward bonuses

Beta testers who will actively participate in helping us improve our software by submitting new unique confirmed bugs, leaving feedback and suggestions will be rewarded with the bonuses, such as discounts, special offers and even free licenses of the software or its addons.

Magento Store Manager for Mac: Reviews

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