Magento Store Manager for MAC

Magento Store Manager for MAC

Great news for MAC users!

We're glad to announce that we have started the development of Magento Store Manager version for MAC, which many of you have been requesting.

Finally, Apple users will have access to the best inventory management tool right from their MAC computers, without having to install any extra virtual machines or extensions.

Would You Like to Test MAC Version of Store Manager?

If you are interested in testing early Beta or just want to be notified when Mac version is available, please, fill in the form below.

What You Get Becoming a Beta Tester

First of all, signing up as a beta tester gives you access to the latest versions available with new features and enhanced functionality.

Secondly, Beta testers who will actively participate in helping us improve our software by submitting new unique confirmed bugs, leaving feedback and suggestions will be rewarded with the bonuses, such as discounts, special offers and even free licenses of the software or its addons.

Store Manager for MAC: What to Expect?

Store Manager for MAC will include the convenient functionality you have gotten used to in the Windows version, as well as a major facelift and enhancements that will surely improve your work with Magento shop.

Development Progress

Have a look at the roadmap with release approach and goals:

Alpha version*2019
Beta version*2019
Commercial version*2020

When Will a Mac Version of Store Manager Be Available?

We are planning to release the commercial version in 2020*. Before the final version is available, we also will have a few Betas, so that you could test the software and share your feedback with us! So stay tuned for updates!

Meanwhile, we would love to hear your opinion. Let us know, which features would you like to see in the beta version.

Reach out to us via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or leave your ideas in the comments section available in the form above!

* Estimates may be changed over time taking into account the adding of new features and the updates of Magento itself.