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My Magento Products are Not Visible at Front-End. What to Do?

Right after you have installed Magento, you probably can’t wait to bring your ideas into life and start filling your shop with new Magento products, dreaming about selling for whole world and earning your first million. You are anxious to begin, so who will spend valuable time on reading instructions, right?

However, after adding a few products manually or performing your first Magento product import you might notice that new entities are not visible at store front. You check your back-end and goods are there, so the first thing you do is refresh your web page a few times and... nothing. Perhaps you ask around some tech-experts or read a few forum or blog posts online and try flushing Magento cache and re-index. Still nothing. Check the following tips and read the article below:


Source: https://blog.mag-manager.com/2013/08/my-magento-products-are-not-visible-at.html