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eMagicOne announces the update of Store Manager for Magento!

TERNOPIL, UKRAINE, September 04, 2011

eMagicOne, one of the most promising innovative software development companies on the market, presents the latest updates delivered by Store Manager for Magento. The outstanding new features provided in the latest version of the program are designed to extend the already advanced functionality of Magento store, not limited to the import and export of products and categories, customers and orders, additional store integration options, etc.

Store Manager for Magento provides an easy solution for online store administration. The updated version of the program is delivered to meet the most urgent requirements of store owners. For that matter, it contains a new feature for Store Diagnostics. You can scan the missing product images as well as the images that are not linked to any particular product. Therefore, store owners can perform store diagnostics at any time directly through the program.

While implementing major program updates, great attention was paid to the improvement of the import process. With the new Product Import Control option Store Manager allows checking the import data file for the availability of the images corresponding to each particular product. In the same token, the added Automated Product Import addon makes it easy to update products by simply scheduling the automatic product import using .csv file from local PC, HTTP URL (live feed from your supplier) or FTP.

The latest version of Store Manager for Magento is full of addons designed for the easy and fast integration of Magento store with external resources such as QuickBooks and USPS Shipping. With QuickBooks Integration addon, the program implements the smooth export of products, customers and orders to QuickBooks. With USPS Shipping Management tool, you can conveniently handle the shipping process as well as print the postal shipping labels directly from Store Manager.

Store Manager is all about advanced functionality. For that matter you can operate the integration of your Magento store with Crowdin.net directly through the application. With Crowdin.net you can choose the specific language you are interested in and download the translated version of the program directly from the Store Manager.

The updates implemented in the new version of Store Manager for Magento were largely concentrated on the improvement of the overall lock-down of the program. Store owners can Impress Watermarks with various levels of transparency on the product images displayed in their store. Here everything is made to protect the store data from being published without prior consent from the owner. With the same purpose, the Backup/Restore section was added to help ensure the safety of store data. The added Restore Dialog from State option makes it easier to restore the position of the windows from a previously saved state.

Store Manager for Magento is a powerful e-commerce solution that was developed to extend the functionality of a default admin web interface and help online merchants manage their stores much more effectively. This outstanding program brings online business to the next level, allowing store owners to automate and improve typical tasks within an online store.

eMagicOne is an innovative software development company, concentrated on all aspects of eCommerce. Constantly striving excellence, eMagicOne continuously works to improve the efficiency of eCommerce business and make it more profitable. The company concentrates on the development of Store Managers and modules for different shopping carts, including Magento, CRE Loaded, Zen Cart, osCommerce, X-Cart, CubeCart and Pinnacle Cart.

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