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Google reCaptcha v3 to Protect Your Website From Abuse

To keep your Magetno 2.3 website safe from spam, bots and malware, eMagicOne launches Google reCaptcha v3 extension.

The plugin integrates your site to Google Invisible reCAPTCHA service that detects abusive activities on your website performed without user interaction. In other words, Google reCaptcha v3 detects and blocks bots from submitting various forms on your website.

Enable Google reCaptcha v3 on Magento admin
Enable Google reCaptcha v3 on Magento

How Google reCaptcha v3 Works?

In case of suspicious behaviour, the extension causes new captcha to appear. The user response in verified via server-side validation, so it will cause no difficulties for real users.

Magento Google reCaptcha

What kind of forms will be protected?

  • Registration, user login, password recovery
  • Admin login, password recovery
  • Reviews and comments
  • Contact form
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Any custom form

What are Google reCaptcha v3 advantages?

  • Protects newsletter subscribers from spamming with unrelated advertisements, fake registrations and other abusive manipulations.
  • Causes Captcha tests only in case of suspicious traffic
  • Applies to various forms on the same page
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Multilingual
  • No coding needed to configure the captcha
  • Is compatible with Magento 2.2 and 2.3

The extension is user-friendly and can be easily activated for native Magento forms without any coding.

Get rid of abusive traffic on your Magento with Google reCaptcha v3 - Try Now

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