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New rebranded version of Store Manager for Magento press-release

TERNOPIL, UKRAINE, August 29, 2012

eMagicOne, e-commerce solutions development company, is proud to announce the release of new rebranded version of Store Manager for Magento, a popular store management tool.

eMagicOne improves the usability and functionality of the software, in order to make it more efficient for handy and effective e-commerce management.

Rebranded version incorporates new features, based on the direct feedback of users as well as on extensive experience of developers. It is designed to assist online merchants to manage their most important activities, from sales and product management to advanced features as reports and custom SQLs.

Advantages of the rebranded version:

  • more attention is payed to the improvement of each section of the application and the enhancement of software’s general functionality;
  • implementation of new features and change for better of the existing ones are done faster, on the basis of customers requests and feedback;
  • the quality of support of customers’ needs and requests is top-level, since the main focus is concentrated on the Store Manager project.

eMagicOne offers smart e-commerce solutions for smart people and is concentrated on simplifying routine processes of online store management and turning them into an easy task for each store owner. eMagicOne constantly buckles down in order to improve the efficiency of leading e-commerce business and make it more efficient. The company concentrates on the development of Store Managers for different shopping carts, including Magento, VirtueMart, OpenCart, Zen Cart, osCommerce, X-Cart and Prestashop, and provides import services, report development and training sessions covering all aspects of store management. For more information, visit https://www.emagicone.com

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