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Store Manager for Magento Enterprise edition press-release

eMagicOne company, that delivers innovative ecommerce management solutions, carries on leveraging advanced technology to drive extraordinary business performance. Encouraging operational excellence as a means to achieve business agility, we do our best to continuously improve software development and are very glad indeed to announce the arrival of Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise) Edition of Store Manager for Magento.

Combining advanced practices, striving to extend the functionality of the application and targeting the latest trends in the field of eCommerce, we have introduced Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise) Edition of Magento Manager. The solution, adapted to large-sized businesses, combines unrivaled feature set and functionality that will boost Magento store running strategies.

Functional Capabilities Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise) Edition of Store Manager for Magento Caters For

  1. Unlimited number of store connections and, respectively, possibility to run as many Magento stores as you want
  2. No product import restrictions, upload any number of product listings to Magento store
  3. Possibility to get any product attribute displayed in product grid
  4. Ten types of Store Diagnostics included (detect empty categories, products without images or duplicated images, duplicated URLs, check meta data availability and other details)
  5. Magento gift cards support
  6. Store Credits and Reward Points support (coming soon)
  7. Automated Product Import and eBay Integration included (PDF Catalog Creator and Amazon Integration coming soon)

With all the features implemented, Store Manager for Magento is aimed at improving large Magento-based store administration. Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise) Edition is meant to expand business possibilities, simplify workaday routine tasks and seamlessly integrate with famous sale channels.

eMagicOne, a leading software development company, concentrates on all aspects of eCommerce and offers advanced applications for online store handling that copes with present-day tasks as well as accommodates to future needs. It delivers award-winning solutions for the following shopping carts: Magento, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, VirtueMart, OpenCart. You can also access your store anytime using intuitive Mobile Assistants.

Visit emagicone.com to get more information or look through Magento products at official site - mag-manager.com

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