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Store Manager for Magento

Change the way you do ecommerce with Store Manager for Magento. Operate multiple storefronts in one system, even when you’re offline. Extend product grid with any attributes like image, description, meta data, color, size or any specific attribute you have. Let Magento Store Manager help you fulfill outstanding shop investing minimum time and efforts.

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Ultimate Inventory Management

  • sync qty, leftovers and sales across numerous sales channels
  • control stock levels at every Magento source (MSI functionality)
  • track your best sellers availability to improve shopping experience
  • set up all settings one time and use lifetime (one-time payment!)
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Sync with Third-party Systems

Data Import Capabilities

  • upload products and related data from CSV, XML, ODS, TXT, XLS, XLSX and Google Sheets via intuitive wizard
  • append merchandise of any type - no limits with Store Manager application
  • implement data modifications directly in the course of Magento import applying expressions
  • differentiate product upload into specific store view
  • ascribe custom options to merchandise in the process of import
  • enhance your product display by adding multiple images (local ones or placed remotely)
  • setup cron job to make product import automated
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Export Possibilities

Export Possibilities

  • export unlimited number of product listings to CSV (PRO and Enterprise Edition)
  • select fields you would like to transfer to CSV files
  • export attribute sets and attributes from Magento
  • export categories and related details
  • export abandoned carts and products in carts
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Sync with Third-party Systems

Bulk Actions

  • accomplish mass product edits via comprehensive Product, Inventory and Tier Price Multi Editors
  • manage category associations for numerous listings
  • clear details for selected products (remove images, group and tier prices cross-sells, custom options, product tags, downloadable data, etc.)
  • change type of existing products or attribute set they belong to (all Magento product types are supported - simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, downloadable)
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Customers and Orders management

Customers and Orders

  • manage unlimited number of customers and groups
  • attain desired customers using flexible filters
  • export orders to CSV and customers to CSV/XLS files
  • create orders instantaneously with one-page POS (barcode scanner supported)
  • print invoices and shipping for multiple orders at once
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Magento Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive Reporting

  • built-in reports for quick revealing of best viewed products, best sellers
  • use Sales by Country report if you have multilingual store
  • watch customer behaviour and make forecast with Latency Matrix
  • stay informed viewing the latest information at Reporting Dashboard
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Store Diagnostics (SEO)

Store Diagnostics (SEO)

  • keep site imagery on the level (find out missing product images, images that are not assigned to any merchandise and products without images)
  • reach products that are not assigned to any category
  • check shop for short/long, duplicated, missing meta data, HTML tags in meta data
  • find out external URLs in descriptions, duplicated URL keys or invisible products (with incorrect URL)
  • get products with missing required attributes, duplicate values in attributes, data storage mismatch, etc.
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