Magento daily to yearly maintenance checklist

Have you already thought what Magento can be compared to? We’re convinced - to a car. Why not?

Selecting a car you are very attentive to what’s inside “under hood”: specifications, gas mileage, maximum speed etc. Deciding to start online business you with the same diligence check online platforms for your future shop and capabilities it brings.

Today Magento occupies leading positions in e-commerce world and its owners can be compared to those driving some sports car, for example Ferrari (it is also red:)

If you have selected the car, some regular, ongoing investments are needed to keep it working properly, like filling the gas tank (approximately each day), checking the oil (each week or month) and visiting mechanic/ car service for tune-ups if needed (yearly).

Now think about your online store. It also should be maintained thoroughly in order to be up and running perfectly. If you leave your store without the attention it would result in the same as you if you buy a car, drive it home and never fuel it again.

How long do you think that car will be running? If you don’t want your e-business to stall out or break down, you need to take charge of the situation and start performing regular check-ups daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Daily Checklist

  • Check your inbox for customer inquiries and important store-related messages
  • Make quick visual inspection to see if everything looks right
  • Look for new trends, read ecommerce-related news
  • Process orders, track shipments

Weekly Checklist

Monthly Checklist

Yearly Checklist

A well maintained website is a healthy website. Pay close attention to it in order to catch things before they cause any loss.

What other tasks you would add to the Magento owner’s Daily to Yearly checklists to keep website running smoothly? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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