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How to Make Magento 2 Display Out of Stock Products

Some of your products are out of stock and you want customers to be aware of that? You should configure inventory settings to make Magento 2 display Out of Stock notification on the product page.

Display Out of Stock in Magento 2

Use this article to learn how to show Magento 2 Out of Stock products and enable alert notifications when product is back in stock.

How to Display Out of Stock Products in Magento 2?

  1. On admin panel, tap on Stores => Configuration.

  2. From Catalog drop-down select 'Inventory'.

  3. Inventory Settings

  4. In 'Stock Options' settings find 'Display Out Of Stock Products' field. Uncheck the 'Use system value' box and set the value to 'Yes'.

  5. Magento 2 Display Out of Stock Products

  6. To apply the configurations to your store, press the 'Save config' button in the right upper corner.

How to Enable Magento 2 Stock Alert Emails?

It might be a regular case, when a customer wants to buy a product that is currently out of stock. To encourage shoppers, Magento 2 allows sending alert emails notifying that the product is back in stock.

Here how you can add the 'Notify me when this product is in stock' button:

  1. From admin panel go to Stores => Configuration.
  2. From Catalog drop-down select 'Catalog'.

  3. Catalog Configurations

  4. Expand 'Product Alerts' section and set the 'Allow alert when product comes back in stock' setting to 'Yes'.

  5. Allow Magento 2 alert emails

  6. Select the Stock Alert Email Template and the Email Sender.
  7. Press the 'Save config' button.

Why Display Out Of Stock Products & Send Stock Alerts?

If enabling these options it would be easier to define highly demanded products of your store. You can track them and keep them in stock to provide better service to your customers.

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