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How to update Magento 2 sources via import?

Magento 2 allows Multi Source Inventory update via export/ import operations. It is possible to assign new sources or update quantities for all or specific sources by SKU.

You can use this article to guide you through this process in a step-by-step manner.

How to Update Sources in Magento 2?

Via Magento 2 Admin

Via Store Manager for Magento

What Data to Export

To update Magento 2 sources, you need to export and then to import the following data:

  • source_code - the code of Magento 2 source
  • sku - product SKU
  • status - 0 for Out of Stock, 1 for In Stock
  • quantity - inventory amount available for this SKU and source

Exporting Stock Sources

To export the products for all or specific sources, do the following:

  1. Go to System => Export.

  2. Export sources data

  3. Select 'Stock Sources' Entity type.

  4. Stock Sources Entity Type

  5. Scroll down to 'Entity Attributes' section.

  6. Specify Entity Attributes

  7. To filter products by sources, input the source code into the corresponding field. (You can find the list with source codes, if you go to Store => Sources).
  8. After you press 'Continue', you will get the file downloaded.

Importing Stock Sources

After you have made the modifications to the CSV, you need to import it back to Magento.

  1. Go to System => Import

  2. Import sources data

  3. From the 'Entity type' drop-down, select 'Stock Sources' option.

  4. Entity type for import

  5. Configure Import Behavior settings.

  6. Stock Sources Import Behavior settings

  7. Choose the file to upload.

Advanced Magento 2 Source Update with Store Manager

With Store Manager for Magento you can update Magento 2 sources by the analogical way of export/ import. Compared to Magento 2 admin, Store Manager allows to update source data simultaneously with other product details. You can select all necessary database fields that need to be exported and updated afterwords.

What source details can be updated via Store Manager?

  • You can assign / unassign new sources (only those that are already created in Magento 2 admin)
  • You can change product quantity per specific source
  • You can modify stock status per specific source
  • You can change Notify Quantity configuration

Exporting Source Details

First you need to export the products whose source data you want to change.

  1. Highlight necessary products and from Import/Export wizard dropdown select 'Import/Export products' option.

  2. Launch Export Wizard in Store Manager
    Launch Export Wizard in Store Manager

  3. Select 'Export' option.

  4. Select Export
    Select Export

  5. Choose a location to save the exported file to.

  6. Select File Location
    Select File Location

  7. Select what products to export. If you want to export only highlighted products, tick 'Only selected products' option. Also, check the store views that you want be updated.

  8. Select Products for Export with Store Manager
    Select Products for Export with Store Manager

  9. Set up the delimiters.

  10. File Delimiters
    File Delimiters

  11. Select data fields to export. Make sure to include 'Assign Sources (MSI)' field to get source data exported per product.

  12. Select Fields for Export with Store Manager
    Select Fields for Export with Store Manager

  13. Preview the export file. In case you find some incorrect data, you can move back and check through the steps again.

  14. View the exported file with MSI details
    File Preview Before Export

  15. On the same step, before pressing 'Finish' button, select the after export action. You can also save the configuration to use it when updating sources next time.

Updating Source Details

Now, when the products are exported, you can start modifying the CSV. To update source details, find 'Assign Sources (MSI)' column. For you to better understand each of the values contained in the field, we recommend you to check the CSV sample and the explanation below:

ali_express - is source code
5000.0000 - qty per this specific source
1 - stock status per this specific source ( 1 states for "in_stock" and 0 states for "out of stock")
NULL - notify_stock_qty ( NULL states for "use_config")

Each of these values can be changed for every exported product. Just make sure your modifications meet the specified format.

When you are done with the changes, you can import the file with updates back to Magento.

To accomplish that, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Import/Export wizard and form the dropdown select Import/export products option as you did for the export.
  2. Choose Import action.
  3. Select the exported file with the updates.

  4. Import MSI with Store Manager
    Import MSI with Store Manager

  5. Choose the delimiters for the CSV and preview the import file.

  6. Set Import Delimiters
    Set Import Delimiters

  7. Set up delimiters for CSV file details.

  8. Set Fields Delimiters
    Set Fields Delimiters

  9. Select which store views to update.

  10. Select Store View for Import
    Select Store View for Import

    In case you are importing date values and numbers, configure the Date & Time formats. If not, you can leave them unchanged.

    Set Base Formats
    Set Base Formats

  11. Select how Store Manager should identify your products: by SKU, product name, EAN code, etc.

  12. Assign Columns for Import
    Assign Columns for Import

    Assign csv columns to Magento database fields. To do that, click on a database field and after that click on CSV column name. To ensure the field is assigned, check csv col column - it should contain the number of assigned columns.

  13. Check how the configured import file looks like. If you find some incorrect data, go back to previous steps and check the configuration.

  14. Import Preview
    Import Preview

  15. Select import method:
    • Add and modify - to add new items and modify the existing ones
    • Add only - generate new products and do not update existing ones
    • Modify only - to update the existing items
    • Just add - add new products without searching the existing ones

    Select Import Options
    Select Import Options

  16. Press 'Import' button.

With multiple import options and possibilities Store Manager cares for Magento 2 update to be as correct and flexible as possible. You can update all necessary product details in one go with no need to divide the process into a few parts.

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