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Magento 2 Point of Sale System

Magento 2 Point of Sale module is built into Store Manager application, so you don't need to install it additionally. The module is aimed to speed up Magento 2 POS management offering a bunch of powerful Magento 2 cash register features.

Perfect POS for Magento 2

All the procedures related to point of sale management can be accomplished within one window. You can easily reach any necessary function in one click. There is a bunch of POS operations that can be accomplished via Store Manager for Magento:

  • Create orders
  • Add products to order with barcode scanner
  • Add new customer
  • Specify order status, payment method and shipping details
  • Print invoices and receipts
  • Apply taxes
  • Quickly calculate change

Below you can check the description of each point of sale function that is available in Store Manager.

Create Magento 2 Orders Flexibly

The POS window is conveniently divided into a few sections to make order generation process faster. After filling the required details you can save the order and have the invoice/ receipt printed right away.

Magento 2 Point of Sale System Management
Magento 2 Point of Sale

Create New Customer Right In POS Window

You can search a customer from your database using the search field or create a new customer right in POS window by pressing +New Customer button.

Create New Customer via Magento POS
Magento 2 Point of Sale

Specify Payment Details and Order Status

You can select delivery method, payment method and set order status using the corresponding drop-downs.

Specify Payment Details and Order Status via Magento POS
Magento 2 Point of Sale

Search Products By Any Attribute

The module allows advanced product search by selected attributes. There is a bulk of additional search options available, so the products can be found instantly.

Search Products by Any Attribute via Magento POS
Magento 2 Point of Sale

Add Products By Scanning Barcodes

You can add a product to order by scanning product barcode. This possibility is especially profitable if you have to process dozens of orders a day.

Add Magento Products to Order byScanning Barcodes
Magento 2 Point of Sale

Print Receipts and Invoices Right Away

You can print receipt by clicking a button. Also, it is possible to select the receipt format (58 mm or 80 mm).

Print Magento Invoices and Receipts via POS
Magento 2 Point of Sale

Apply Tax and Calculate Change

It is possible to apply shipping tax to order total that can be instantly calculated with Cash & Change tool.

Calculate Change and Apply Taxes via Magento POS
Magento 2 Point of Sale

Add a discount with a comment

Discount and comment options are available as of Store Manager for Magento v.

Add a discount in the Order Discount field, and the total price will be automatically recalculated. You can also add any relevant note:

POS Discount
Magento 2 Point of Sale

The above list of POS features combined with order management possibilities of Store Manager is what can totally simplify and fasten Magento 2 POS management process.

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